DOLE® Yonanas™: Make easy, healthy and guilt-free dessert

Well well well.. This post, no, this machine, is some magical tool of happiness. Haha Ok let’s start with, the fact that I’m a kitchen gadget junkie, which I think, if you’ve read my previous post, you would have know. I actually have TWO ice cream makers. One a sunbeam which I bought from Australia donkey years ago, and another was a cuisinart from here, also a few years ago. I once tried to do a project called Project 52 Ice Cream Mondays, where I would post ice cream recipes every monday! It didn’t last long, probably a few months. I seldom buy pints of ice cream and store them in the fridge because I just cannot to, 2 reasons. 1st, the cheap ones are full with air!! and 2nd, the nice ones are so expensive! Yala ok I can go on and on and on about ice creams.. that’s not the point.

Point is, you can now make your very own healthy “ice cream”, no fuss at all! Unless you think cutting fruits are too hard, then I cannot help you la! Oh wait, then just buy precut fruits eh?

yonanas ice cream dole

When I found out how easy this gadget works, these were my expressions. HAhaha.. When I started posting on IG, I also get questions on how this works, and really is it so easy to make ice cream out from this gadget ? How easy ?

yonanas frozen fruit

Well, I won’t say its exactly Ice Cream per se, but the texture comes very very close to ice cream / gelato  without having to make any custard bases, syrups or purees. It all depends on the fruit’s water and fat content to determine the texture of the ice cream. A banana, would have a very very creamy texture, but a watermelon, with its high water content, the texture is more like sorbet. WIN! Yes but you do need ripen fruits! And it would be better if the fruit is in the freezer for 24 hours so it’s completely frozen, otherwise it would just be fruit juice and puree.

yonanas ice cream banana

Banana ice cream ? all you need, Bananas. Frozen of course. Well, actually, if you just process frozen banana with peanut butter and honey, you will get a banana ice cream as well. I tried it and it wasn’t as smooth as this one. It may have to do with the blades of the blender of food processor.


yonanas assembly parts

inside yonanas machine

The Yonanas consist of 5 removable parts, and the body. It’s easy to assemble and clean. DO NOT pour water into the chute to ‘wash’ the Yonanas, as it won’t. You would need to remove and just wash them through running water and soap. These are dishwasher safe components.

So, how to use ?

Simple. just TWO steps.

1. Freeze fruit

2. Insert into yonanas and press it out.

Simple ? indeed!

yonanas ice cream in 2 steps

how to use yonanas gif

Well, creamy frozen banana was nice, but it was expected la! But another fruit which Nora (from Dole) demo, was totally out of my expectation. It’s pineapple!

Like I didn’t think pineapple could have a creamy texture as it had little fat and its a fibrous fruit. But I was wrong. so wrong.

It came out, soooo yummy. Like I cannot believe pineapple is so yummy. Ahaha The only time I like pineapple is when its in a pineapple tart, and in acar T__T Can’t say no now.. BUY ALL THE DOLE PINEAPPLE!

yonanas pinapple ice cream

See the texture ? it was so creamy and not fibrous at all. Smooooth! There you have, a GUILT FREE pinapple ice cream, with 100% pineapple, NO sugar added and most important, fat free! No dairy involved too. Ok la but don’t be so ambitious and put unripe pineapple ok! It works really well with ripe or over-ripe fruits ><

yonanas watermelon sorbet

Another example, is with watermelon. it’s more sorbet like because the fruit itself has alot of water. It’s very refreshing, and perfect for a hot day, after dinner, for barbeque, or just because. So it works with any types of fruits, as long as you remove the seeds. So things like grape (really ? people eat grape ice cream??) Apples, Oranges, Apricots, Durian, Mango may need you remove some seeds inside. It’s also better if you kindly remove the skins ok ??

Saying so, you can also make a frozen berry pie, or banana and chocolate chip ice cream (Yes, you can add Oreo, Chocolate Chips, Cookies into the Yonanas as well, BUT it has to be alternating with a fruit), so for example, add 1/2 banana, then add a piece of oreo, then repeat the process. It doesn’t work if you just add Oreo only, without any yeah ?)

 In a nutshell, Yonanas™

  • idiot-proof to use
  • do not need any prior cooking, just need FROZEN FRUIT
  • creates healthy and guilt free dessert right after meal
  • captures 100% of the fibre (unlike juicing)
  • encourages your kid eat more fruits
  • alternate cookies or chocolate chips  to create something more fun
  • for the lactose intolerant
  • great for weight watchers
  • so healthy that your doctor will recommend you to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


yonanas dole malaysia

I was at Dole Malaysia for this Demo of Yonanas. Dole is the world’s largest producer and marketer of high-quality fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, and is the leading producer of organic bananas. Dole markets a growing line of packaged and frozen fruit and is a produce industry leader in nutrition education and research. In Malaysia, you can find Dole Bananas, Pineapples, fruit jellies in tubs. In Japan, there is Dole Land in Minakami. Imagine a place where you and your kids can learn about fruits and harvest them yourselves. Isn’t that cool?

Eileen McHale Co Inventor of yonanas

The Yonanas was invented by husband and wife team Eileen McHale and Brian Machovina in 2010. It’s Manufactured by Healthy Foods, a company dedicated to creating innovative products that encourage people to live healthier lives. Healthy Foods has partnered with the leading producer and marketer of high quality fruits, Dole, to join forces in increasing consumption of fruit.

Eileen McHale is the Brand Ambassador of Yonanas and also the Communication Director of Healthy Foods (above pic was from google)

yonanas thesweetspot


Aaannndd tadah!! here I have in my hands, the Yonanas gadget 🙂

You can get your Yonanas Ice Cream Maker now from Cold Storage at RM 289 it’s available at 10 selected stores – Cold Storage in KLCC, Bandar Utama (1U). Mont Kiara, MidValley, Great Eastern Mall, Sunway Pyramid, Mercato in Pavillion and Hartamas Shopping Centre, Jason Food Hall BSC and Giant Hyper Subang Jaya.

(If you find it online like much cheaper, it is better to check your sources first because I was told by Nora from Dole that there are scams online that sells the box, but inside it’s different.. In Malaysia, they are not available online or in any group buying websites as of date of posting)

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  1. this gadget is indeed idiot-proof! all you need is frozen fruits! nifty! and you’ll get a 100% fruit ONLY ice cream! so muchy better than the commercial ones outside!

    oh so this is the event you went before Ma Cherie ar 😛

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