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Mango Coconut Tart

I sometimes wonder, what inspires you to make that particular dessert or dish? For me, for more complex desserts, I usually start from a base flavour and work my way around it. Sometimes, it could be just out of curiosity, to see how this fruit would work in this dessert. Or even, from a place […]


Chocolate Cupcakes with Mango Buttercream

Where should I start. The topic for this month’s Aspiring Bakers is Enjoy Cupcake, and I’ve got something to say. Now, what defines a cupcake? What’s the character of a cupcake? In my opinion, all cupcakes SHOULD / MUST have a frosting of any type, either filled or iced on top. Any naked cupcakes or […]


Brioche and a Sandwich

*Wanna know what books are at my shelves? You can check them out at the right most column and see the widget. Most of the books are there, but not all. (still updating) And you’d be surprise to find some of the book are cheaper than here in M’sia.. Or scroll down to the […]

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