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DIY Tutorial: Flower Crown

DIY Flower Crown

flower crown diy

I am SO happy I finally made this! I guess it takes a little trip to Boracay to make things happen. HAHA I’ve always wanted to make my own flower crowns (floral crown / flower headband.. too many names) because those ones sold outside are either too expensive, the flowers are too ugly or they are too small for my big head.
DIY Flower Crown 2

So yup, I finally went to the craft store and bought some supplies. Went to a couple of florists to buy fake flowers. Damn, they are quite expensive too!!

Anyways, I bought them for RM 33 for 3 bunches, the pink roses had 12 flowers, and another 2 was smaller type of rose / peony buds in shades of purple and cream. I super love them cause they came in 2 shades and it just makes the crown prettier.

Floral headband

They were relatively easy to make, just glueing flowers on the wire, really. But it takes abit of sense to not place them too symmetrical, or too well arranged. Cause its just meant to be a summery, fun, bohemian, chillaxing thing. Hahaha not sure if that makes any sense but just try not to be too engineered about it.

So let’s get started

Supplies for Flower Crown

Here are some of the supplies you need. Floral wire, green floral tape, pliers, glue gun and most importantly, flowers.

flower crown step 1

If the wires are not long enough to go around your head, just connect them by twisting it.

flower crown step 1 fit head

flower crown step 2

flower crown step 3

now, to use floral tape, you need to stretch it before you twist it around. It is only sticky after you stretch it.

flower crown step 4

flower crown step 5

flower crown step 5 all flowers

flower crown step 5 leaves

flower crown step 6

flower crown step 7

flower crown step 8

flower crown step 8 glue

flower crown step 9

flower crown step 10

And you’re done!

How to make floral crown

I made a couple more after this.. I’ll bring them ALL to Boracay! HAha I’m a little crazy. Till then!

*suddenly my hair looks so nice with a pretty cool ombre, but actually I was just standing in front of my balcony door with a sheer curtain, at 8.30am.

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