Savour Australia by Life Inspired

I love watching TV shows related to food and literally grew up watching Taiwanese and Japanese cooking show, , which is probably why I ended up in food and have an immense love and respect for food (and people who know their food). Then because watching people cook is not enough, I started with travel […]

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Sydney: Bourke Street Bakery

I’m only on ONE mission to do here, to try the damn Ginger Brulee Tart. You know, I was living in Sydney in between 2006 and 07. And back then, there was no Masterchef Australia, there’s no hyped up crazy brunch cafes, there’s NO instagram, NO iphone, and NO Ginger Brulee Tart. Erm, wait, Bourke […]

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Sydney: The Grounds of Alexandria

Hi! Sorry for not updating often enough. I’ve been rather busy, my camera broke down and I haven’t been baking much. So, I will be updating about my Sydney and Melbourne trip now. I was in Sydney late March 2015 and in Melbourne, early April 2015. Photos were taken with my iPhone 6+ cause I […]

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