Night Run @ Putrajaya

Shape & Men’s Health Magazine Night Run – 25th July 2009 Precinct 3, Putrajaya I wouldn’t have thought I could run 11.5km a year ago. I couldn’t run for nuts. But so semangat wanna join marathon. I think it’s a trend nowadays, that marathon is no longer for those thin and very athletic people, but […]

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Manchester United in KL 2009

Sometimes I believe, if things are meant to be that way, even through the most unexpected circumstances, it WILL be that way. But of course, one cannot rely so much on luck and fate all the time. ANYWAY.. 3 months ago I heard that Man Utd was coming to town and was so freakingly excited! […]



Like it or not, over rated or not, cupcakes are an icon by itself. Well if its overrated, it means u’ve not tasted better cupcakes before! 😛 hahaha


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