Chocolate Biscotti

And it doesn’t get chocolatey enough? After the chocolate brownies, choc avo cake, now chocolate biscotti? Hehehe After the brownies from DL’s web, I searched if there was any other things to make, quickly; while watching football. Biscotti, sounds like a good idea Here’s the recipe from David Lebovitz’s For the biscotti 2 cups (280g) […]

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Oh what Joy to bake

Recently I’ve been doing alot of blog-hopping and catching up on those blogs I’ve not seen in months! I always love those blogs with nice photos to inspire and creative ideas to share. So I came across Joy the Baker (hence the title)’s Vegan Chocolate Avocado Cake At first glance, it may seem. Errggh ? […]


Brownies with a kick!

I love brownies, they’re fudgey, less cakey and rich in chocolate. and they’re easy to make! simple ingredients and no fancy mancy tools needed I came across David Lebovitz’s Cheesecake Brownies and wanted to make them.Chocolate + Cream Cheese = yay! I found a 85% lindt Chocolate in the fridge. 85%’s gotta be really bitter! […]


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