Bespoke Christmas Cakes (2015)

*** 2016 Bespoke Christmas Cake will be released very soon!! Stay updated on our FB page or our Cake Artist’s Instagram! *** 


I have something special for this year’s Christmas.

Christmas wreathCake

I’ve always have more interest in door wreaths for Christmas than the tree itself. Hence I wanted to make something inspired by it with a few elements that reminds you (and me) of this festive season, like the pine cone, fern leaves, red flowers, star anise and cranberries. It is unlike the traditional yule logs or gingerbread houses but nevertheless, it will still make any celebration unforgettable because, really, it’s the company and memories that matters. The Bespoke Christmas Cake is available for pre-order from now till 26th Dec 2015.


Cake Size : 6″ (approx 1.4kg)
Flavour choices : Red Velvet or Chocolate
Price : – 
Delivery : charges depends on location, please enquire within.
Contact : email me ( or leave me a comment

While you are at it, what are you making for Christmas ?
Bespoke Christmas Buttercream Cake

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