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I love watching TV shows related to food and literally grew up watching Taiwanese and Japanese cooking show, , which is probably why I ended up in food and have an immense love and respect for food (and people who know their food). Then because watching people cook is not enough, I started with travel shows (like, Samantha Brown, Ian Wright, The Amazing Race (Ya that’s travel show too), and then recently on Netflix and online, the list is endless. Then, it wasn’t enough to watch, I want to travel and see for myself, eat all the food, walk mindlessly and just see the world. Isn’t that in everyone’s wishlist ? Well it’s on mine.

As years pass after I first started to travel on my own, I tend to develop a style of travelling. Sometimes I wanna see some iconic buildings etc etc, sometimes I wanna hit the outback and go on a road trip, sometimes I want to learn cooking locally and go to the local markets, but most of the time I just want to enjoy a glass of (insert whatever that’s delicious and crisp), chill and watch the world pass by.

So when I watched the trailer of Savour Australia, a 7-episode food travelogue hosted by Jason Godfrey, produced by Life Inspired TV Channel, I was swoon over. Food, travel, and hot host ? What could be a better combination, you tell me. And because it’s about Australia, it’s a bonus brownie point! Seeing that I love travelling to Australia and it never fails to disappoint every time, no matter how many times I’ve been there (err, I dont’t know, maybe 7 times?). You’ve got to see for yourself 😉

Savour Australia; premiering Sunday, 28 June at 9pm on Life Inspired, Astro Channel 728

7 episodes, 7 states

Episode 1 – Darwin, Northern Territory

Episode 2 – Adelaide, Southern Australia

Episode 3 – Perth, Western Australia

Episode 4 – Hobart, Tasmania

Episode 5 – Melbourne, Victoria

Episode 6 – Sydney, New South Wales

Episode 7 – Brisbane, Queensland

savour australia launch egg sunway

Savour Australia is one of our anchor projects this year. We are thrilled and proud to produce this second series for Tourism Australia in celebration of its successful Restaurant Australia Campaign,” said Anne Chan, General Manager, Life Inspired. “After the experience, our team was tremendously impressed by The People, Places and Produce that Australia’s states and territories offers, and we hope to share these fantastic scenes and imageries to audience in the region in conjunction with ground events,” she added. This series also kick starts a series of original branded content that Life Inspired will air in the third quarter of 2015.

Kabir Bhatia, Film maker on shooting for Savour Australia. “It was a new set of challenges from a film maker’s point of view having to shoot in Australia the second time around. With food playing the starring role, we wanted to present a combination of Jason’s food escapade, the produce, place and people. We keep a languid and emotional pace throughout the episodes to create a more intimate experience as Jason describes his experiences with candid and personal narrative peppered with his witty interactions. The food experience takes viewers from kitchens, restaurants to the great window to Australia. All these were fascinating for me as the Director, capturing the footages through the lens.

savour australia 2 jason godfrey savour australia

Join savvy host Jason Godfrey as he travels across the Australian outdoors in search of good food and good company. Hot off the heels of his Jason Down Under adventures, Jason yearns to immerse in the myriad culinary cultures of the people through Life Inspired original food travel series, Savour Australia.

Jason is set to delve into the continent’s unique foodscape and wine culture inspired by an endless bounty of local products and indigenous produce per state or territory. Across states and cities, Jason checks out restaurants, eateries, farms and vineyards amongst others; meeting up with restaurateurs, artisans, winemakers and farmers.

Being the ever hands-on lad, Jason also gets down-and-dirty by having a fair go at Aussie recipes with the help of some mates along his journey. Whether Jason goes rock lobster fishing or whip up a delectable meal with his fresh catches by seaside outdoors in Tasmania, or taking over the back-of-house and preparing sumptuous local South Australian oyster delicacies in a fishery backyard, our host is ever super-stoked and revved for various exciting culinary challenges of playing chef.

life inspired savour australiaOk now I can’t wait!!!!



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