Sydney: Bourke Street Bakery

I’m only on ONE mission to do here, to try the damn Ginger Brulee Tart.

You know, I was living in Sydney in between 2006 and 07. And back then, there was no Masterchef Australia, there’s no hyped up crazy brunch cafes, there’s NO instagram, NO iphone, and NO Ginger Brulee Tart. Erm, wait, Bourke Street Bakery opened in 2004 but I had no idea back then. It’s only when social media makes everything popular, you think back and go, what!! How come nobody told me back then ?

So I need to be put out of my misery. I told me friend Ginger Brulee Tart is like on top of my list (and the Watermelon cake). If I don’t get to eat this time in my 12 days in Sydney, I’m gonna cry; just kidding. Ok. So, I didn’t just go once, not twice but THREE TIMES. Don’t jelly me.

After my not-so-big breakfast at The Grounds, I headed to Bourke Street Bakery which was just a few minutes drive away. The store in Alexandria had most of the things the main store in Surry Hill had, and some seatings inside. I tried both Chocolate Tart and the Ginger Brulee Tart in Alexandria, and the Ginger Tart again in Surry Hills because I was told there was a bit difference in the custard texture.

True enough. The one in Alexandria was a bit colder than the one in Surry Hills. But flavour wise, it was the same.

Also, you should know, BSB is not only popular for the Ginger Brulee Tart but you should also try their yeasted products (sourdough) and the sausage rolls!

bourket street alexandria Bourke Street Bakery Ginger Brulee Tart must eat sydney 1

ginger brulee tart MUST EAT SYDNEY delicious ginger brulee tart

That custard was well balanced with ginger but the texture, was like eating soft butter. It’s very smooth and not custardy at all. It’s not like your out-of-the-box custard mix (that’s for sure). And that sugar crust? There were a bit that was burnt but I’m ok with that. That crackling crust, dark caramelized sugar, that burnt crusty bits; you need to try it.

No wait, I need to try making it. Yup. Pronto.

bourke street bakery sydney bourke street bakery croissant bourke street bakery sydney surry hills must go sydney

pork leek pie bourke street bakery ginger brulee tart lemon tart

The store in Surry Hills only have outdoor seating and the shop is VERY small. Just have in mind what you want to order so you don’t hold up the line. Damnit, that sugar is killing me.

So apart from the ginger brulee tart ($5), I tried the chocolate ($5) and lemon curd tart ($5) as well. While the ginger brulee tart packs flavours and texture, both the other tart failed to impress as one was tad too sweet and the lemon curd certainly missed some torched meringue.

Pork and Fennel Sausage roll ($4.50) was really good too. It wasn’t using puff pastry but a less flaky and more crumbly pastry. They also have Chicken and Tarragon Sausage Roll, Lamb and Harrisa, Engplant Spinach and Chick Pea Rolls which make good quick lunches (sure, you can have more than 1) and quiches.

Now, I need to open up the Bourke Street Bakery Book and get some eggs cracking…

Bourke Street Bakery

633 Bourke Street, Surry Hills (corner of Devonshire and Bourke Street)

9699 1011

7am-6pm Monday  to Friday

7am-5pm Saturday and Sunday

474 Gardeners Road, Alexandria

8339 1001

7am-4pm Monday to Friday

7am-5pm Saturday

7am-4pm Sunday


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