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Sorry for not updating often enough. I’ve been rather busy, my camera broke down and I haven’t been baking much. So, I will be updating about my Sydney and Melbourne trip now. I was in Sydney late March 2015 and in Melbourne, early April 2015. Photos were taken with my iPhone 6+ cause I was travelling alone and I didn’t wanna carry so much things around. Furthermore, it takes photos good enough. Yes, my trip to Australia was mainly a glutton trip. I didn’t have much in mind; let’s just say, I didn’t have an itinerary and I forgot to print my check-in pass for my return trip.

I flew in with Emirates with HUGELY discounted rate (RM1.3k+ for return trip KL- Melbourne) to Melbourne from KL. Then from Melbourne, I took Tiger Airways to Sydney at about RM500+ return. So in all, my air tickets cost less than RM2000.

So first stop in Sydney upon arrival was to The Grounds of Alexandria. It’s relatively close to the airport. My friend who picked me up told me patrons who are going to the airport or just left the airport, will make a stop at The Grounds. Well, I’m not surprised.

I first knew about it when my brother went last year and I was like, OKAY! I’m gonna need to go. I love the entire concept of having everything in a rustic + industrial kind of setting. There’s cafe, bakery, florist, outdoor settings, a mini farm, garden and everything looks so pretty. I couldn’t say the same about the food but it’s like a breath of fresh air especially when you think KL brunch scene is mediocre and slightly pretentious, and no longer exciting.

the grounds of alexandria

the grounds the florist the grounds farm the grounds farm pig kevin bacon the grounds of alexandria sydney the grounds bread

Look at all the yummy and dangerous desserts. HAHA ok I’m really trying to resist eating too much and be picky. I know I’m heading elsewhere for desserts after this so I skipped desserts entirely here. You can never fail to find desserts and coffee in Sydney so, be smart. Haha

the grounds of alexandria sydney 2I am not a coffee connoisseur, I just know what I like to drink and how I like to drink it. In this case, the coffee wasn’t my liking here as it was a tad weak. As taste is subjective, I’ll leave the ratings or whatever nots to all you critics. All in all, it’s hard to find BAD coffee in Australia, ok maybe 1 in 50? Haha I’m not sure but I do know they take their coffee seriously.

the grounds baked eggs beans the grounds breakfast platter breakfast platter egg yolk to die for

I was definitely looking forward to try new style of brunch food. Because Australia is so multicultural, you’d see alot of influences in the food, Asian, Middle Eastern, Turkish, Spanish, European etc etc etc. The first, was a Turkish style poached eggs ($16) on tomato and cannellini beans, labneh yogurt, pistachio and toast. (I’m going to give you a tip, dont’ eat too much beans because you’re gonna have so much gas the whole day. Ok)

The second was a The Grounds Breakfast Board ($19) which had double smoked ham, avocado, heirloom tomato, smoked salmon, asparagus and olives and sourdough toast. Ok I don’t even wanna talk about the eggs. Just LOOK at that… When I poach eggs at home, I always end up with a flatter version, but the poached eggs here, generally have a very nice round shape, with wrinkled skin. Is the pot deep ? Ok. Don’t mind me. Every time I eat something, I’ll think if I can replicate or make something similar at home.

If you’re a first timer in Sydney and have some time to spare before going to the airport, Yes I recommend this place because the entire vibe of the place is just awesome. I was told there’s always a queue during the weekends (I’ve made a conclusion, every popular place has a queue during the weekends)

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The Grounds of Alexandria

Building 7A, 2 Huntley Street, Alexandria NSW 2015

(02) 9699 2225

The Café opening hours:

Monday to Friday                7am to 4pm (kitchen closes at 3pm)

Saturday and Sunday         7:30am to 4pm (kitchen closes at 3:30pm)


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