Sending sparkles with fresh flowers & Giveaway!

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scandinavian style bedroom Earlier this year I had a small makeover for my room; fresh paint and some new small furnitures and wall decos. Got rid of some clutter too. The mood and vibe your room depends much on the colour and arrangements of your room. This time I was looking for a cleaner and simpler look with the colours of grey, white and just a touch of gold. I even painted the Ikea dresser myself 😉 One can always add in a dash of colour by getting fresh (or fake if you want) flowers, frames or sheets and pillows.

Since then, I’ve been getting flowers from the wholesalers (those without pretty packaging and with no foliage removed for you wrapped in newspaper) on a regular basis to freshen up the room. I can tell you it lifts up your mood instantly. It’s not about receiving flowers (although I don’t mind receiving flowers) but these days, no one should be ashamed of buying flowers for themselves. Don’t you think so ?

Moreover, fresh flowers bring good flow of chi in terms of room fengshui. 😉

bloomthis flower bedside table recycle vase flower ikea fram eat well travel often yellow rose 2

But often times, I’m a little lazy to drive to the wholesales and get a bunch of flowers and I don’t want to spend so much on buying freshly tied bouquet flowers with more packaging than the actual flower. I’ve been seeing some flower delivery services in Klang Valley these days and Penny from BloomThis contacted me about their services. Upon the first visit to the website, I love what they have to offer already; fresh flowers sent to you weekly (or one off) basis at an affordable price.

BloomThis delivers luxury fresh flowers every week straight from the farm to you in a bespoke box. They carefully hand picked the flowers so that each bloom arrives in perfect condition, ready to be displayed in your favorite vase. What’s best is you’ll never know what’s inside until you open it!

bloomthis 2

The best thing I like is that you don’t need to think of what type of flowers to get, or which colour matches with another flower. The idea of sending flowers should just be sending little surprises to you friends, your family or your partners, not just for special occasions or celebrations. Hence the ordering process is just too easy. Their delivery is currently on every Thursdays of the week so you get to enjoy more love over the weekend when the flowers are at full bloom.

So last Thursday, I received flowers from BloomThis that came in a box! Now, that’s kinda a first. I was excited to see what’s in it! What’s the surprise ? What colour are the flowers ? Are they pretty ? Well I’m sure they are. What are the fillers ? I can’t wait to open it!

bloomthis packaging bloomthis flower

bloomthis flower subscription

The flowers came packed in a box with a light wrapper tied neatly with a ribbon with a personal message card. And it also tells you what flowers are they. The larger stalks have water capsules attached to ensure they are kept hydrated. The fillers and smaller flowers have a dampen cotton wrapped and packed in a small plastic bag. The foliage were trimmed and thorns were removed too (roses have thorns, you do know that right?) Removing thorns can be quite a job if you don’t have the right tool.

So all I need to do was to cut the end of the stalk to the height I want, on an angle so there’s a larger surface to absorb more water, loosely arrange them on different glasses or vase, et voila! Although roses aren’t my favourite but yellow flowers suits my room SO WELL.

yellow roseflower subscription malaysia

I put them in a few different vases and glasses because I don’t like them overcrowded in a vase. The yellow roses bloomed very beautifully over the weekend, big and sturdy but the orange roses didn’t make it well, they were quite tight – probably too shy. 🙂 I arranged some of the Peacock flowers and Phlox here just to give it some colour contrast. The white phlox are so beautiful in a bunch, hence I picked them out in a different (recycled) bottles and had them placed elsewhere.

ikea fram eat well travel often bloomthis flower deco

Now if this has caught your interest, here’s what you need to know; How much is it?

Swee San's Info Kit (v2)(2)

(I’m assuming you don’t have an accessible calculator now). If you’re getting the Quinzena, it only comes up to RM49 per bouquet! And for Sabbath, it’s only RM44 per bouquet! I think that’s a pretty good deal if you want to have some fresh flowers for your home (or send a surprise to someone else) *Excluding delivery fee*

But if you’re feeling lucky, you could win a bouquet from BloomThis. (psst, they are giving away TWO Signature (Single Delivery)– one for each winner) – Just complete the steps below to join in, the winners will be selected and emailed on Monday 18th May. Giveaway has ended. Thanks for participating. 🙂

Giveaway is only open to residents in Kuala Lumpur. (Shipping cost may incur for addresses outside Kuala Lumpur.)

If you can’t wait and wanna subscribe now, good news for you as BloomThis has offered 20% off the Quinzena (Fortnightly/Month) package for the first FIVE (5) subscribers from my site. Just key in this code BTSWEES20 but be hurry as there’s only 5.

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7 Comments on Sending sparkles with fresh flowers & Giveaway!

  1. Lim Hui Sze says:

    My favorite flower is Tulips

  2. Choi Yen says:

    I always love fresh flowers in my house or office which really liven up the vibe but as what you’ve mentioned, lazy to go shop to buy 🙁

  3. I think the yellow roses kinda add some warm tone in your room since your room colour is more neutral!

  4. Vivian Tan says:

    My favorite flower is Peonies <3

  5. Janice says:

    my favorite flower is Daisy! 🙂

  6. Judy says:

    My all-time favourite flowers are tulips but I have a soft spot for peonies too! Lovely photo-styling, Swee San. Excited about this new subscription service by BloomThis!

  7. I think I would love to receive some colorful fresh-smelling flowers that would remind me of spring, even though we are in KL! Hahaha.

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