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Chinese New Year may have ended but don’t be too sad. With all the photos taken by your smart phone or camera, you can now print them out in photobooks or prints to relive the memories! I’ve been a fan of photobook since 3 years ago when I started compiling all my travel photos and arranging them in photobooks rather than printing out in individual pieces (OR just putting it up on FB albums). But putting up a photobook from scratch is no easy fret. It takes hours (AND HOURS) to sit in front of the computer to figure which photo goes where, and get a nice book overall, which photo to be in a bigger size, smaller size, which pages, templates etc etc to figure out. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to this, up to the extend where sometimes I’m taking photos (especially scenery) when travelling, I know exactly how to take them so I can fit or arrange them in the photobook.

So, anyway. Since I already have some photobooks at home, my relatives and friends would ask me how to make it, or how to print this type of book. Usually, getting the book printed or sorting out photos in proper folders don’t take alot of time. The most time consuming is actually doing the design of the photobook itself. Sometimes I take just a mere 2 hours, sometimes I take up to 5 hours (for 60 pages), if I’m super pressed for time, ok maybe 1 hour. I bet moms with toddlers, or those who are not savvy with the computer, do not have tht much of time or patience to do so.

If you fit in the category mentioned above (busy, do not have time, not computer savvy, no creative juices, not sure how to start at all, completely blur) you may consider getting a “designer” to do it for you for free! I was recently approaced by FotoZZoom with their photobook designing services where you can save hours of designing to just minutes. Yup! You can literally make your book in just 15 minutes.


Here’s how.

1. Go to


2. Choose photo book design that you like and click “Make a Book”

fotozzoom 1


3. Just a tip, browse some templates and choose which template you want to use.


4. Fill in the details and upload your photos (minimum 60 photos, up to 100 photos)



45. Key in the voucher code.

6. Click Order Now and you’re good to go! Now wait for your photobook to arrive (and the surprise)

photo 1

(the stain was from my floury fingers, not part of the book)

photo 3

protective cover sheet before the first page

photo 2

glossy page with bright prints


I made this photobook for my aunt who recently went to Europe with me and since she is not computer savvy at all and I really don’t have time to stay put at a place to do another photobook, I decided to make this for her as I have all the photos anyway. The photobook arrived in a bout a week or so and just mind you, it’s a complete surprise on how the photos are arranged inside. For someone who actually planned how to take certain photos even before making a photobook, not knowing how a book would look like is quite… scary hahaha. But that’s me. My aunt liked the book as she said the printing was beautiful and the paper was thick, albeit too glossy. You can’t really compare what you get in 15 minutes and 5 hours, just saying.

So if you’re pressed for time to whip up a photobook, you know where to go to 😉 You can now create your own unique photobook in ‪#‎justminutes‬. Just submit your pictures, choose a theme and FotoZZoom will help you to design it. Once it is ready, it will send it over to your doorstep.

Best thing now is if you use my referral code : 5AAEUNJYJXJSXYJ to get 65% off from the photobook (an additional 10% off regular offers on the website)

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