Innisfree is now in Sunway Pyramid

innisfree sunway malaysia

innisfree sunway pyramid malaysia

My apologies for not updating sooner as innisfree has opened its doors on the 5th December 2014. I first heard about innisfree in 2009 ? or 2010 when I was in Seoul. Back then K-pop hasn’t taken over the world yet and there’s no oppa or bae. So I wasn’t that familiar with any Korean brands. I went with what I felt when I stepped in the store. Innisfree is a brand very related to nature and greens. I remember when I went into the shop in Gangnam, the vertical garden stole any possible attention. The first ever thing I bought from innisfree, was, HAIR BRUSH! Yup. It’s a very good, comfortable and cheap hairbrush that I actually have 2 of it 😉

innisfree green tea seed jeju innisfree in malaysia

Innisfree, translated literraly to “Pure Island” pursues the philosophy of bringing healthy beauty to your body and mind with their pure ingredients from the clean island of Jeju, Korea. The bond between innisfree and Jeju dates back to 1979 when innisfree first began to transform what was then a rocky wasteland on Jeju into the pesticide-free green tea farm today. Innisfree started out by releasing the “Green Tea Pure” line in 2008 using Jeju green tea and has then gotten further with 10 more Jeju ingredients such as green tea, sea mustard, volacanic scoria, tangerine peel, green soy beans, canola, camellia, jejubiga (nutmeg), gotjaway phytoncide and green barley.

innisfree jeju island

Innisfree is truly a brand that is dedicated to cultivating beautiful skin for Asian women and men. Don’t we all want to celebrate natural beauty by using sustainable natural products that contributes to a lesser environmental impact ? From various flowers to plants, volcanic clusters to natural seaweeds and more, innisfree products boast the best of Jeju’s ingredients. Innisfree is in its effort to preserve the balance of nature by using only low-carbon containers, 100% recyclable packaging and reusable tangerine peel labels innovated through nature-concious design and branding. Innisfree’s pursuit of an eco-friendly methodology has tugged at the hearts of many green consumers worldwide.

Natural k-beauty advocates can look forward to innisfree’s holistic 8-solutions skin care lines aimed to cater to Asian’s common beauty woes. The Green Tea Seed Serum, Super Volcanic Pore Clay MAsk and Eco Science White “C” Pore Double Serum are just a few of innisfree’s bestsellers.

innisfree range

innisfree green tea seed serumThe key product “Green Tea Seed Serum” (RM90 / 80ml) has a water-like texture. The serum boasts a 5x better moisturizing power after use and increases the moisture content inside the skin by up to 66% while decreasing the amount of dead skin cells by 76% – keeping your face effortlessly clean.

The Green Tea Lin is one of the best-selling series that fully moisturizes and nourishes the skin from deep within. Moisturizing is very important has we are often sitted in a air-conditioned room which can be quite dry for our skin. The green tea line products contains rich green tea essence purely derived from fresh Jeju green tea leaves; it is 100% fresh green tea instead of water.

Green Tea Seed Serum – RM 90 / 80ml

Green Tea Seed Cream – RM 80 / 50ml

Green Tea Seed Oil – RM 142 / 30ml

Green Tea Seed Eye Cream – RM 80 / 30ml

innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask

The other best seller is the Jeju Volcanic Line. The Jeju Volcanic Line is based on Jeju’s natural volcanic clusters called “Volcanic Scoria”. Formed from the island’s volcano lava flow which containes twice as much nutrients, this ingredient has a much stronger sebum control-capability than mud or red clay. This strengthens the ability of the product to remove dead skin cells, eradicate pesky black heads and ultimately cleanses and purifies pores.

The Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is a 6-in-1 total pore care mask that targets pore tightening, sebum control, dead skin cell exfoliating, deep cleansing, skin complexion improvement through its cooling effect. The Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is however a soft-textured pore purifying mask effective for sebum control and overall improvement of complexion.

Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask – RM 52  /100ml

Jeju Volcanic Pore CLay Mask – RM49 / 100ml

Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner – RM 73 / 250ml

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Innisfree is now at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, G1.70, Ground Floor (Orange Zone).

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