Europe Summer 2014 Photo Diary

Hey everyone!

I’ll be sharing some photos taken during my travel to Europe in July – August. We flew in to London and spent a couple of days there before taking a cruise to Holland and hired a bus to go to Paris. Here, will be some photos taken in Holland (mainly Amsterdam), Brugge and Brussels of Belgium.


#1 Iamsterdam

canal ride

#2 Canalception

cheese zaanse schans#3 Eat all the CHEESE!!!

zaanse schans

#4 Of course there has to be a windmill photo.


#5 Dam Square (that’s our hotel behind there)

boat house#6 Life on a boat.

brussels fondue

#7 Fondue

atomium#8 Silver balls at Atomium

palace in brussels

#9 Royal Palace of Brussels

pan au chocolat pauls

#10 Pan au chocolate at Pauls (just next to our hotel)

belgian waffle#11 me and my waffle. Belgian waffle <3


#12 Somewhere in Brugge or Brussels. 😡

okay so when I hit Europe from London, I felt more calm and the architecture was also very different. Especially in Amsterdam. Brussels is a very small and quaint town which is quite lovely. Will post next week on Paris’! <3

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