20 random facts


Well I’m seeing lots of these posts lately on FB, IG and blog posts. No one tagged me to do it (actually no one tags me for anything, not even ice bucket challenge but it’s okay haha) but I wanted to jump on this bandwagon too.

So here we go!

1. I did 3 years of Architecture studies in my college years and got a diploma in it before deciding it wasn’t for me and went on to study pastry. But saying that I think I can be a good decorator.

2. So I enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney (because the one in Paris spoke French, London was kinda far and expensive, Tokyo was in Japanese / French) and did a stint in French Patisserie in 2006. Best time of my life.

3. I’m extremely annoyed with everyone’s favourite cake from Alexis; the tiramisu. Just freaking because a tiramisu is as traditional as mascarpone cheese, with savoiardi (sponge fingers) soaked in espresso and some kahlua and dusted in cocoa powder. No strawberry sauce and NO praline nuts. I’m just a little particular with traditional cakes and desserts.

4. I had braces for 4 years (because it was provided by the government dental dept) and had 5 teeth pulled out. Btw, I only paid RM700 for it so no complains.

5. I am very thankful that I do not have any allergies. *touchwood*

6. I have 5 (used to 6) dogs but I guess you already know that.

7. I have traveled to more than 20 major cities (Bangkok, Hat Yai, Krabi, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Boracay, Taipei, Hualien, Seoul, Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, my kampung in China but I cannot remember the name now, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Brussels) worldwide but I have never been to East Malaysia.

8. My travel wishlist before I turn 30 years old was to Paris and Japan and I can cross that off this year, so I’m going to set another travel KPI before the age of 35, to Italy, Spain and New York.

9. I have a mole on my forehead that is in crescent shape cause my mom brought me to remove it but it didn’t jadi so only half came out, and the other half is still here. T__T

10. I used to have single eyelid but went for double eyelid procedure at the age of 18 or 19.

11. I never drank coffee before the age of 21 (Ok I only can drink kopitiam style Kopi-O before that) because I don’t like (still) instant coffee, any coffee with creamer, coffeemate, condensed milk, or evaporated milk. I only ever started to drink coffee when I was in Sydney and thus the only coffee I would drink now is the Aussie way (or at least influenced by). My to-go coffee beverage is piccolo latte or a flat white, no sugar or syrup; unless it is ungodly bitter and you won’t see me there again.

12. I think many people don’t appreciate cakes in general here in Msia because what is served is …………. not real. condensed milk is not real, some butter (but name themselves butter’somthing ) is not real, some creams are too white that they are not real, some yogurts are not real, some milks are also not real. So I really don’t blame them. At least eggs are real loh ok!

13. I have perfect eyesight, no need for glasses on contact lenses (oh Thank God for that)

14. I don’t have an answer when people ask me what is my favourite dessert. I could tell you it’s an Opera but that’s not true. Maybe my favourite dessert is always the next one.

15. I read manuals and can fix up alot of ikea cabinets or whatever cabinets / bed / tables / chairs etcetc

16. I have been blogging since I was about 19 (ahem, 10 years?) and it has always been a cooking / baking blog, but had a little break in between because I was too busy at work. I think cooking and baking food blogs in Malaysia are not given enough credit or opportunities. We put in just as much, if not more effort that those who just take selfies. #justsaying 10 years down the road people are not going to search for xyz cafe (maybe people would if it’s still in operation), some xyz face (maybe only because they want to see how much cosmetic surgery they have done), or the 1st gen of iphone but there will be people looking for recipes of a butter cake ?

17. I only wash my hair 2 times a week (sometimes 3, depending on where I’ve been) cause I don’t have oily scalp.

18. My ultimate wish is to publish a cookbook (or pastry book, however you call it)

19. I don’t, ever, watch horror movies. and never will.

20. I’m single now. It worries me sometimes because everyone thinks I’m probably married cause my hobbies are too domesticated. Haha what the hell ?

harry potter cake the sweet spot

Ok thanks for reading. Don’t forget to say hello.



3 Comments on 20 random facts

  1. Rin says:

    I loved reading this! Your personality really shines through and I have so much respect for you for studying at Le Cordon Bleu. I was an impromptu patissier apprentice at one point in my life but it was short-lived so I have an immense amount of respect for you! ^^

    I’m wishing you all the best in your life travel goals! <3 <3 <3 I think it's fantastic that you've already visited so many major cities. (jealousjealous but in a good friendly way ^^)

    And don't worry, I'll be sure to tag you in any taggy things I might do. No one tags me either haha. ^^ <3

    xoxo Rin

  2. ShopGirl says:

    Great 20 facts post and I agree with you so much on #12.
    I bake too and am well aware that the butter/ condensed milk/ icing sugar/ flour/ cocoa etc is not real. The only thing that is true blue and better than in Europe/ Oz/ US is the coconut milk. I always had to get it from a can in Oz and it came with that tinny taste.

    You’re so cool and my Malaysian baking idol. I’m also impressed and secretly jealous of your wanderlust. Must get some stamps on my passport too but I am a bad traveller because I miss my bed.

  3. Swee San says:

    awww ShopGirl you are too nice :3

    Don’t be jealous ok you can also be setting your own wanderlust journey in anyway that doesn’t have to come in the form of travelling. 🙂

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