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Recently I was with the Butterfly bloggers on an expedition to visit and learn how Moo Cow makes their yogurt and other products derived from yogurt. If you haven’t already know, Moo Cow has a few retail outlets selling freshly churned frozen yogurt, and now yogurt drinks as well.

moo cow mamaliaSo what’s the Moo Tale, how did it come about ?

Since 2011, Moo Cow has been serving Malaysia’s health conscious dessert aficionados with tasty frozen yogurts. Moo Cow distinct frozen yogurts are freshly churned from natural ingredients and flavours, coupled with detailed R&D process to ensure that only the best frozen yogurts of high quality will delight Moo Cow lovers’ taste buds. Also, be tempted by the array of seasonal flavours and our bestseller flavour, which has long remained a favourite among Moo Cow lovers.

Now now now, if we’re talking about frozen yogurt and yogurt drinks, we need to start by making yogurt, and that’s from milk itself. I have to applaud Moo Cow, for giving us an insight on how they make yogurt in their small factory, complying with the health and safety regulations.

inside moo cow factory

Yogurt was discovered by Herdsmen of Central Asia around 6000 BC (THat’s like 8000 years ago). During then, the herdsmen kept milk in goat’s stomach bags to keep them thru winter and long journeys. Little did they know, the milk reacted with a bacteria inside and thus creating a product similar to yogurt.

In ancient Indian records, yogurt and honey are called “the food of the Gods”. Did you also know that in ancient Greek, yogurt is considered as an Elixir of Life. It is only in the early 1900s that scientist discovered the nutritional values and health benefits of yogurt. In 1919, the first industrial production of yogurt was done by Danone in Spain. In 1930, Minoru Shirota created a drink with yogurt called, Yakult.

There are many types of yogurt, plain, Greek, Swiss and some products made from yogurt are lassi (yogurt drink), froyo (frozen yogurt) and cakes. It’s a very versatile food that is well suited for anyone’s diet.

moo cow yogurt nutritional facts

Some health benefits of yogurt
• Yogurt is rich in calcium, which is essential for maintaining colon health and reducing the risk of colon cancer.

• Calcium works with the live cultures found in some yogurt to increase absorption by the bones, making yogurt an excellent choice to help prevent osteoporosis.

• Yogurt is an important source of calcium for people who have difficulty digesting the lactose (sugar) in milk, because yogurt contains lactase – the enzyme we need to break down lactose for proper digestion.

• Yogurt is rich in protein, B vitamins and essential minerals and low in carbohydrates. It’s also low in fat (if you choose yogurt made from nonfat or low-fat milk).

how to make yogurt moo cow making yogurt drinkNow let’s have a quick look on how yogurt is made in Moo Cow (yup, they make their yogurt fresh for productions of their other products such as froyo and yogurt drinks)

Cleanliness is vital in all dairy or temperature controlled factories as there are healthy bacteria growing in yogurt. You do not want any cross-contamination to happen. In Moo Cow, the equipments, utensils and pots are all sanitized before using.

Milk is then warmed till 80C. Then, it is folded until the temperature drops till 40 C. A culture that contains probiotic bacteria is mixed in to the warm milk. Once it is mixed in, the tub will then be in incubation for a minimum of 12 hours on a constant temperature of 39 – 44 C. This will promote healthy bacteria growth and for the milk to ferment. After 12 hours, it will then be stored in a chiller between 0 – 4 C for another 24 hours to thicken the texture of yogurt. Once the yogurt is chilled for 24 hours, it can be eaten or used for other purposes (like making cakes, drinks, frozen yogurt ice creams etc)

We got to taste the fresh yogurt and it was so tangy but so refreshing. No sugar has been added to the yogurt itself and the texture was really good. It is unlike those sold in tubs, where it’s gummy and gluey. It’s a shame that Moo Cow doesn’t sell the fresh yogurt that they make. I suppose if they do so they would need a larger factory 😉

After learning how to make yogurt, the founder of Moo Cow, Clifford showed us how to make yogurt drink. Warm water is added to the yogurt and a pack of “secret” (which me and Jen from Chasingfooddreams guessed, contained sugar, and some kind of citric acid or soy?) then blended on a super high speed so the yogurt breaks up and emulsifies with the water, hence creating a yogurt drink (but really just diluted yogurt with some sweetening)

moocow fresh yogurt drink

moocow promo

The yogurt drink comes in a small bottle, suitable for kids or adults. It comes in 3 flavours, original, blueberry and strawberry priced at RM3.50 each or RM10 for all 3 bottles. I really enjoyed the original one as it is tangy without too much artificial flavours.

Now just a tip for all of you, the next time you buy any yogurt drinks, please check the ingredients list, it should contain fresh milk or yogurt, live probiotic cultures. If you start seeing lots of gum X, gum, Y, flavouring Z, then you should know that they are just by-products and not made from the real stuff. #justsaying you know.

Now if we’re talking about the versatility of yogurt, it can be incorporated into cakes as well!

yogurt cake moo cowWe had the pleasure of trying some of their yogurt cheesecake which was delicate, light and creamy without the guilt. These are made in their central kitchen then distributed to their many outlets.

Now that Mooncake Festival is around the corner, no one wants to be left out on NOT making mooncakes, so Moo Cow is not missing out, they also have their own range of mooncakes!

moo cow mooncakemoo cow mooncake 1

There are 2 types of mooncakes, baked skin and snow skin. For snow skin, there are fillings such as red bean, pandan, sweet potato, white lotus, pumpkin and black sesame. The baked ones are bigger (like the regular mooncake sizes) comes in Precious Black, Pandan Lotus, Low Sugar White Lotus and No Sugar White Lotus.

Snow skin
1pcs @ RM6.50
4pcs per box @ RM26

Baked skin
1pcs @ RM13.50
4pcs per box @ RM48

moocow yogurt drink

moocow publika

You can get Moo Cow’s froyo, yogurt drinks, yogurt cheesecake, and mooncakes from their many quirky and colourful barn-inspired outlets nationwide in Publika Shopping Mall, Hartamas Shopping Centre, The Gardens Mall, Wangsar Walk, Sunway Pyramid, 1 Utama, Gurney Paragon, Bangsar Telawi, Ikano Power Centre, Suria KLCC, Paradigm, Great Eastern Mall, Lintas KK (Sabah)

Their outlets have a farm like feeling, like as if you are playing Farm Life or something hehe Even the office setup was so creative and green. you know, creative minds are nurtured in a comfortable yet vibrant environment.

moo cow mascots

moo cow mamalia mascot

All in all, I had a fun time learning how to make yogurt (I may attempt to make at home!) and it was a good trip to learn about how local companies produce their food and have a look at their factory. It tells me that the team behind Moo Cow are really passionate about creating healthy and real yogurt for the benefits of many Malaysians in a clean environment. Well, I woulld say it gives me a peace of mind 🙂

Thanks to The Butterfly Project and Moo Cow!

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