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During our trip in Boracay, we had 3 very delicious and memorable meals, in Lemoni Cafe & Restaurant, Mesa and Andok’s. So today I’m going to share about Lemoni Cafe first since that was one of the first we went to under the recommendation of my friend’s friend who apparently ate there almost the entire trip Hah…

lemon i cafe mango and coconut shake

Mango Crush, Coconut Shake and Mango Lemon Crush; refreshing for a hot weather, or just by the beach. Coconut and mangoes are abundant in Boracay so we can’t help but to have almost buko (coconut) and mango everyday!

Lemoni Cafe serves a rather modern and healthy cuisine with vibrant colours, refreshing beverages and delicious desserts. Lemoni Café opened its doors in 2005 and has since been named one of Boracays most refreshing restaurants. Awarded 5 years in a row in Philippine Tatlers best restaurants issue.

lemon i cafe menu
Inspired from the Lemon family; Lime, Calamansi, Dalandan, Pomelo, Orange, Grape Fruit and Lemongrass, be prepared to find them in your dish or dessert. Lemoni Cafe takes pride on their fresh, healthy and delicious food prepared from the heart, from their famous breakfasts which are available all day to the wide variety of lunch menu which includes sandwiches on homemade bread, salads, soups, pasta, risottos and fresh seafood. Dinner at Lemoni Cafe takes on an international comfort food. The beverage selection is styled to complement and refresh ranging from the normal shakes with an extra twist like watermelon and ginger ans well as well priced wine list of new and old world wines. Cakes, pies, cookies and pastries are all baked from scratch in their kitchen are also one of the famous ones in Boracay Island.

lemon i cafe salmon baby potatoes

We were famished on that day so we went straight for their main courses to satisfy our stomachs!

Here we have a Norwegian Salmon with Lemon Thyme marble Potatoes and Hollandaise. (php 550) The salmon was a little more than done but it was still juicy. The baby potatoes were well roasted with crispy skin and soft creamy interior. Salmon and Hollandaise sauce works well together and the Hollandaise didn’t taste that it came from powder. It was buttery and tart from the lemon juice.

mahi mahi fish

I had the Pan Fried Mahi-Mahi with warm potato salad and lemon butter garlic sauce (php390). The fish was a little dry but the warm potato salad with capers, lemon, butter, garlic and some tomatoes and capsicum was really yummy. Usually potato salad comes with mayo or some kinda creamy sauce, but here, it was refreshing and seemed somewhat healthy.

lemon i cafe grilled pork chop

Another friend had the Grilled pork chops, sautéed vegetable’s and yogurt mint sauces (pho 390)I didn’t have much of this but according to my friend, it was really flavourful and one of the yummiest. Actually I just realized that all the dishes that she said was nice, she said that it was really flavourful. Haha

lemon i cafe mango juice

Scorching sun and crazy weather calls for more refreshing drinks, my friend got a black coffee while I got a citrus fruit drink, quite similar to the thai mandarin orange with outer green skin and orange flesh. Pardon my bad holiday memory, I can’t remember what it was called. :/

Anyway, that was all we ate for lunch, oh no. We also had a coconut pina colada and coffee AND desserts at night after we had a rather sad dinner (that ended us dining in the dark because there was a blackout, two times)

lemon i lemon meringue tart

If your sweet tooth ventures into the sour and tangy field of sweetness, then get ready to pucker up with the Classic Lemon Meringue (P160). I don’t remember having a great lemon meringue tart in my home country, often I find great desserts when I travel and this would be one of them. The curd is rather tart, but balanced with the mild sweetness from the perfectly whipped meringue, elegantly torched for it’s crisp and caramelized flavour. The crust was crumbly and buttery, baked to golden brown. I would recommend this to anyone that is in Boracay. 

lemon i cafe mango cake

What’s this thing with me and mango! Their Mango Madness (P150) showcases their national fruit (really? Is mango Philippines’ national fruit?) in a soft and creamy mini cake, with compacted buttery digestive biscuits. It’s a light and mellow dessert to end your meal there in Lemoni Cafe.

There are more selections of desserts in the cafe, all looking deliciously scrumptious. And, they also have a section for ‘overnight’ desserts that sells at a cheaper price. Good for being honest?

lemon i cafe cocktail

Cocktails are never a miss when travelling, so how about a coconut pina colada to end the night!

Lemoni Cafe & Restaurant
D’mall Square, D’mall D’Boracay
Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines 5608
Telephone: +63 36 288 6781 to 288 6782 • Email: lemonicafe@yahoo.com.ph
Open Monday to Sunday from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm

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