Boracay Photolog

Hello all,

I have been away in Boracay last week and just came back.. I have tons and tons of photos but here’s a little short post on photos taken there… Will update more when I have a bit more time.. and have recuperated….

These are the photos from sunrise, to sunset 🙂
Boracay Sunrise 5amBoracay Diniwid Beach from Spider houseBoracay  Spider houseSan Miguel PilsenDiniwid Beach Nami ResortBoracay Fridays Resort
Hair Flip in Diniwid BeachYoga in BoracayParawsailing in BoracayParawsailing 2Puka Beach JumpPuka BeachRed Pirates Paraw

after puka beach coveGlobe Trotting BuddiesBoracay SunsetBoracay Sunset heartBoracay Sunset Hair flipBoracay Phoenix Fire Performance

till then




2 Comments on Boracay Photolog

  1. Rachel says:

    nice photos 🙂 may i know when did you travel to Boracay?

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