Velashape III results!


It’s been 3 weeks since my VelaShape III treatment at The Retreat Clinic. Read more about it here (first post)

velashape on back of thigh

velashape redness

I’ve mentioned that the treatment can be abit hot, depending on different parts of the body. Well after the VelaShape treatment, a few things happened to me within the next 1-2 days.

1. Redness. On parts where the device worked at, it was reddish and at the back it was abit plotchy. But no blue black to be seen.

2. Firmness. Immediately after the treatment I could feel my inner thighs less bulgy. It’s more firm at the back too but I can’t really touch it cause when I turn my arm at the back to feel it, naturally, my flesh would move to the back, so really, I can’t really judge it.

3. Sore. Well, this I only experienced the day after, on my back. It just feels like as if you just did a very extreme workout that you work out feeling sore. Only at the back.

Different people may experience different results…

velashape III the retreat clinic

Now here is the results, 3 weeks later. On both pictures, my feet is standing 1 foot apart based on the floor tiles. Well, actually without taking photos, I can feel the difference especially when I’m wearing shorts.

22 april velashape - after

You can’t see much from the photo but I lost about 1 cm on the right thigh and 2cm on the left. As to why the difference.. hrmm.. perhaps my legs had different fat %, could be due to posture, strength or.. well.. i don’t really know but you can’t expect your body to be a symmetrical mirror of the left, or right.

after velashape with jeans

Even on my jeans, the thigh area felt looser. I’ve always had thunder thighs. I still have now but hopefully i’ll be able to get rid or that. This is a good start.

velashape - backI also did a 30 min treatment on my back. The results were quite good but unfortunately, it can’t really be seen on photos so I didn’t post it up.

I lost 4cm on my chest circumference as my back wasn’t as flabby. It’s more firmed thus the 4cm.

And 4cm only on 1st trial, good or what!!!

Anyway i want to share a few tips on HOW to make the most out of this treatment.

1. Get VelaShape III done on that particular body part.

2. Do some exercise to further enhance the results.

3. Drink LOTS of water.

4. Do not have the mentality of “oh since I’m doing this treatment I can eat a buffalo / fast food everyday” Make sure your meal is balanced.

If you would like to know more, head on to The Retreat Clinic as they are the ONLY clinic in Malaysia that is having the VelaShape III. Talk about exclusivity! Sign up for their newsletter and receive a 50% discount voucher for your first treatment. Some lucky sign ups will receive a FREE treatment as well! Only limited coupons available.

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