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If you don’t, then maybe, lucky you. Grooming your body hair can seem like cutting the grass in the summertime. You devote an afternoon to the chore, and the next thing you know, the grass has shot up and you’re hauling the lawn mower outside again. When landscaping your body, there are eyebrows to tweeze, legs to shave and coiffures to condition daily. The average man spends more than a month out of his lifetime shaving his beard [source: The Economist]. Women hunch over their legs with razor in hand for hundreds of hours to meticulously strip away of thousands of unwanted hairs.

Problem ?

Well, if you are uncomfortable with body hair, then it is a problem. If you are not, good for you.

Oh hang on,

I have to give you some warning on the next photo.

I’m not intentionally doing this, but I have seen this personally when I was travelling.


There are some who are okay with this, but not me. I was travelling in Taiwan then and I was queuing to take photos with the “Queen’s Head” at the Yehliu Geo Park, then of course there were also people taking photos, posing and stuff. then this woman, wearing sleeveless, lifted her arms, placed behind her head and ….


I caught the act and was left speechless literally. I’m not judging, because everyone can be as comfortable as they want in their own skin. Eewww

Alice_McCall_Backstage_using Veet

But what about you ? If you have any hairy problems, what’s your solution to it ? Wax ? Shave ? Depilation ? Laser ? Or you have some secret ways to remove them!! Tell me please ok!

veet fact

Shaving with razor is one of the easier way ? But … but ….. it causes the skin to be dry (based on my own experience)

A trip to the salon can also solve this problem, but it sometimes takes too much time, (and pain) and can be quite costly! So when you’re in a hurry for that smooth, silky feeling, Veet helps pull it off at the comfort of your own home.

Veets cream dissolves rather than cuts hair, so unwanted hair takes longer to grow back than with shaving, and there’s no stubbly feel to regrowth. Veet is the world’s No. 1 depilatory cream brand. Veet has helped women radiate confidence and femininity by giving them, hair-free, beautifully smooth and touchable skin.

More importantly, Veet believes that a woman is most beautiful and desirable when she exudes confidence and femininity in her own skin. As such, being an expertise in hair removal, Veet is continuously innovating to develop products that provide the best care ever for skin, helping women around the world to achieve beauty and confidence with hair-free, smooth and touchable skin.

Now, you… Yes, YOU! If you are someone who appreciates the confidence and femininity you gain from hygienic hair-removal practice, join the Veet Be Beautiful & Confident contest and strut your style!

Feel beautiful and confident all the time and walk like a celebrity every where you go. Head over to and stand a chance to win an exclusive make over session with a famous actress known for her role in Keranamu Laila. Guess who?

The mechanics are simple. All you need is to purchase any Veet product worth RM15 at Watsons. Click on “JOIN THE CONTEST NOW” to register your details along with your photo and answer a question in your most creative way!

Join now as the contest ends on 31st March 2014

Here I will show you how to join the Veet Be Beautiful & Confident contest on their FB page.

Veet Malaysia Facebook Page

First, head on to their FB page : Or you can hit direct to the Be Beautiful & Confident contest app :

veet page 1

once at the contest page, click “Join the contest now”. Or, you can download the discount voucher for the veet products

veet contest

Make sure you answer the question as creatively possible!! Upload your photo, and key in your details.

Click “Submit”

veet discount voucher RM 5

Once done, print out the discount voucher for your Veet products in Watsons and share with your friends, get them to join as well so you can be one of the 10 to have a makeover session with a gorgeous local celebrity, Izara Aishah!

So hurry and join now!

Contest Page :

Closing Date : 31st March 2014


2 Comments on Veet Be Beautiful & Confident

  1. ShopGirl says:

    Hair is so frustrating! It grows where I hate it growing and won’t grow where I want it. So infuriating that we try to grow lovely lashes and it’s near impossible yet all it sprouts like noxious weeds where we least want it.
    So much easier to be an orangutan or a man (lol) and not have to think about hairy issues but yes, products from brands like Veet help although I am a bit scared of DIY home waxing.

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