Nose filler touch up session @ Mediviron UOA


It’s the year end and I’ve been rather procrastinating to update. But anyway, here’s a follow up on my first session with Mediviron UOA of the nose filler.

2 weeks after I had the nose filler, I felt it had deflated, especially at the higher bridge part. The swelling and bruising must have gave it an illusion that it was high initially when I was first injected with the filler. So once the swelling has gone, it looked deflated. So I went back for a touch up and check with the doctor.

Mediviron nose filler pt 2I had a 0.3cc filler leftover from the previous session, and Dr. has also ‘confirmed’ that it has deflated, I’ve decided to use up the 0.3 and add to the upper bridge part.

Mediviron nose filler pt 2 - side

I chose to think that it was just the swelling and bruising making it look higher than it looks. After my first session, I can’t help but to feel a slight disappointment on it. But 2nd time around, it was slightly better.

Nose filler comparison

Maybe this picture will illustrate better.

Point “A” in all 3 photos has quite a different result.

In the first picture, “A” was quite high and abit unnatural. It was due to the swelling also because the dr had to ‘press press’ it into place.  After about 1.5 weeks, it deflated quite alot. “B” looks alright for me.

The 2nd picture was taken before I went for the touch up. “A” is slight deflated, my nose don’t seem so wide as the bruising has faded; however “B” felt abit bumpy.

The 3rd picture, was taken today on the day of posting (2 weeks after touch up). It looks more natural the all the bruising is completely gone. “B” don’t feel bumpy anymore and “A” … well… it’s OK. It wasn’t as deflated as the first time.


This is just my experience. Different people may yield different results.


Disclaimer : My nose filler was sponsored by Mediviron UOA

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Tel: +60-3-2163 5699 /98 or +60-17-2163 569
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