Christmas Potluck Food Ideas

Hi butterflies!

I’m compiling this post as a reference for The Butterfly Christmas Potluck Party. I personally love love potlucks and have also organized a few. So, although it is a potluck and everyone cooks everything, we still need a “Menu” because we definitely don’t want 30 people bringing 30 whole barrel of fried chicken, or 10 people bringing pizza from a pizza company, or half of them bringing only desserts. So I think segregating menu to different categories makes it easier for people to decide which type of food they cook best, or are able to fit into their budget.

Last year I cooked a French inspired Christmas meal at home. If you want to get some ideas, do feel free to head onto this link.

Otherwise, I have also compiled some photos and recipe linkback to the original site (some are easy, some are abit more challenging) for easy reference. Feel free to browse through, it may give you some inspiration on what to bring for a potluck, instead of just fried nuggets, or fried chicken. yeah?

Also, as a form of respect, if there are muslims going to the potluck, do LABEL if they are non-halal. But for this Butterfly Christmas Potluck, there would be no pork. If there are alcohol in the food, please kindly inform the host or label it “CONTAINS ALCOHOL” ok ?

Butterfly Christmas Potluck Starters - 2 Butterfly Christmas Potluck Starters - 1


Deviled Eggs (link)

Pai Tee (link)

Vietnamese Spring Rolls (link)

Mini Chicken Burgers with Lime Mayo (link)

Sausage Rolls (link)

Stuffed You Tiao (link)

Scotch Eggs (link)

Nachos with Guacamole and Salsa (link)

Spring Rolls (link)


Butterfly Christmas Potluck Salad - 1

Salad / Sides

Avocado Salad (Link)

Potato with shallots (Link)

Roasted Pumpkin Salad (Link)

Hummus (link)

Caesar Salad (link)


Butterfly Christmas Potluck Carbs - 1 Butterfly Christmas Potluck Carbs - 2

Mains (Carbs)

Aglio Olio Pasta (link)

Fried Rice / Fried Noodles (Ask mommy to help if you can’t cook 😉

Sushi / Onigiri (can buy, or make, link)

Lasagna Bolognese (link)

Roti Jala with Curry Chicken (link)

Kerabu BeeHoon (link)

Moussaka (link)


Butterfly Christmas Potluck Meat - 1 Butterfly Christmas Potluck Meat - 2

Mains (Meat)

Roast Turkey (link)

Roast Chicken (link)

Satay (can buy if you don’t have access to cooking equipments)

Meatballs (link)

Ayam Percik Kelantan (link)

Stuffed Cabbage (link)

Cola Sticky Chicken Wings (link)


Butterfly Christmas Potluck Seafood - 1

Mains (Seafood)

Fish Pie (link)

Keropok Lekor (can be bought!)

Lemongrass Shrimp Skewers (link)


Butterfly Christmas Potluck Vege - 1

Mains (Vegetable)

Pumpkin & Red Onion Tarte Tatin (link)

Stuffed Mushroom (link)

Mashed Potato (link)

Vegetable Lasagna (link)

Cauliflower Onion Tart (link)


Butterfly Christmas Potluck Dessert - 1

Dessert (Cakes)

Montobello Torte (link)

Chocolate and Peppermint Roulade (link)

Tiramisu (link)

Pavlova with fruits (link)

Gingerbread House (link)


Butterfly Christmas Potluck Desserts - 2

Butterfly Christmas Potluck Desserts - 3

Dessert (Petit Fours)

Mini Fruit tarts (link)

Stained Glass Jelly (link)

Oreo Cookie Balls (link)

Chocolate Macarons (link)

Rainbow Fruit Platter ( link)

Puteri Ayu (link)

Strawberries Santa (link)


Hope these will give you some inspiration on what to bring to a Christmas Potluck Dinner or lunch. I also added some Malaysian twist to it by adding some local dishes.

What else to be aware of ?

Serving wares

Also, to give you some idea on how to serve the food, I suggest bringing them in “non-breakable” serving wares. If you decide to put it in a nice Le Creuset Pot, or an expensive serving ware, please do remember to take back as there may be too many people and when people are too happy tripping, they forget things. :p

But, putting them in nice plates, makes the serving table prettier…

aluminium tray

This type of aluminium baking tray is good to bring in large dishes like roast, lasagna or pasta.


Portion Size

Well, always ask how many people are coming to the potluck and you DO NOT NEED to make the portion size as much as the people coming. Ok Here’s an example

Say, in the category of Appetizers, there are 5 people bringing food. If 5 people bring food for 50 people, well, you will end up with alot of wastages. SO, just divide the amount of people coming to the amount of people bringing the food, meaning, 5 people, each of them should bring food to feed at least 10 people. So, 5 people x 10 servings = 50 servings! Of course you can bring more la.. like up to 15 to 20 pax because you never know what people want to eat. For all you know, your dish is so damn tasty, Everyone wants a taste of it.

If you’re bringing canapes or nacho dips, those food are more versatile, so the portion can be slightly bigger.

For carbs, because most Malaysians feed on carbs, the portion can be slightly more too.


I think for all potlucks I’ve been to, there are always some leftover food to takeaway. So, in order to be more cost-efficient, please, bring a takeaway container so you can take some food back if there are any leftover.

Food Labels

It would be great to label your food (and if it contains any weird or funny ingredients) and write your name underneath to indicate who made it. Since there is an exception to desserts with alcohol (like tiramisu), please please please label a “With Alcohol” tag so we can segregate it from the halal desserts.



Last but not least, enjoy and have a good time! Be kind and if the food your friend has brought taste very delicious, say so!

If you have no idea how to cook or bake or even slice an apple, then, opt to buy food. Many choices like satay, keropok lekor, curry puffs, fruit tarts, brownies etc etc

Ok cheers




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  1. Thanks for the inspiration ideas on potluck gathering & featuring my dish 🙂 inspired me to plan a potluck for New Year

  2. Laura says:

    OMG I’m drooling at all the yummy food pix d! >_<

  3. Jacey says:

    Gosh…I’m worried that my dish will somehow “poison” you gals…can I volunteer for deco instead? >.<

  4. Thank you for including my Onigiri link/picture! 🙂 This is a wonderful roundup for potluck!

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