Halloween Party with Allianz

Allianz Halloween Renoma Gallery CafeSo, Halloween is kinda over and I don’t wanna drag this post for too long. So I’m going to put up lots and lots of photos of the costumes and happenings of that night in the Allianz 1942 Halloween Party on 31st October, held in Renoma Cafe Gallery.

This is my first Halloween event and at first, I had no idea on what to be. Zombies are not really my thing because I can’t drive and not look into the rear mirror and not freaking myself out. It’s creepy u know. So while looking for some inspiration, I’ve found that Halloween costumes and make up DON’T have to be scary. Playing dress-up sounds more like it. So I looked through the internet and found my look, the deer make up.

Deer Makeup for Halloween 2If u look closely, it’s actually a little creepy haha. But anyways, I actually only tried the night before the event, and during the event was the 2nd ‘trial’ I had on this make up. I think I consider myself to be abit more on the creative side with an artistic flair, completing this make up wasn’t too difficult. It’s actually easier than it looks but you need some steady hands to draw the lines.

So anyway, here’s my look annndddd I went with a psychotic doctor who went madness and killed all the patients in the hospital. LOL

1383219977510_smallEvents with Fotobox Photobooth are so much fun! We got our own prints of the photo and also a digital copy sent right to our email.

So, here are the happenings of the night. if you are a blogger yourself, you may see some familiar faces haha, if not, let’s just say they are some crazy creepy people LOL

Allianz 1942 Halloween Event


*above photos from Allianz Malaysia event photographer
Allianz Halloween Contumes 1

Edaaz and Samia were zombies trying to eat the poor deer. Haha Gotta give it to Samia, the blood, flesh and torn skin looked really scary.

Allianz Halloween Contumes 2

Frankie was the dude. Silviana had a hand drawn mask, if u look closely, it’s with lace details, great work! Jessica was a Red Riding Hood without a hood hehehe

Allianz Halloween Contumes 4

another Red Riding hood (my niece said Red Velvet lol) was Carolyn, and her red hair! Lisa came in as a plastic doll ? Freaky but very well drawn, and Choulyin was a kitty meeooowwww

Allianz Halloween Contumes 3

Er, Hi Ghost of Angeline *runs away*, Amelia and Yuh Jiun toned it down with a Grecian look and a mickey fan ?

Allianz Halloween Contumes 5


I was figuring what Chency was, until I saw her picture that she had two different colour eye (contacts) That picture turned out a little weird, my niece said she had flour on her face (ooppss sorrryy, u know kids), Cindy was a sugar skull bride and she also bagged one of the prize of best photobooth photo. Another bride was …. a corpse bride… (my niece said “how come her arm is not blue”.. oh well kids..)

Did you see any of your favourite Halloween costumes or make up?

There were games and lucky draws throughout the event (those who won, Congratulations again!)

Of course there must be Best Dressed in any Costume event right ? This Halloween is no different, so lets see who the nominees and winners are..

Allianz Halloween Contumes 6

The was a girl in a spanish dancer like costume ? or pirate ? but minimal make up, so I’m not sure why she was even nominated but then again, it’s not my event LOL, the rest, there’s a Corpse Bride, Sugar Skull Bride and a Cannibal Table. No prize for guessing who won, the TABLE had too much creepy factor it’s crazy.

Allianz Halloween Contumes 7And for the guys, there are some who also put in effort, the nominees are, the Samurai, the guy with a mask (cause he couldn’t speak through the mask lol) the Corpse Groom and another guy who had too much affection for his wife he gave her lots of smooches. Nevertheless, the samurai won Best Dressed for the men category.

A closer look of the Best Dressed Guy and Girl of the night.

If you want to see more photos of the event, here’s a link to Allianz Malaysia’s FB page.

So what would you be if you were going to a Halloween Party ? Play safe or go all out ?

 Here are more photos of my Deer Makeup. Will do video tutorial if you guys are interested. Leave me a comment!

Halloween Deer Make Up


These are some of the products I used to achieve this look.

NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in white,

NYX Cosmetics Butt Naked Eyes Makeup Palette for bronzing, contouring effect,

Bare Escentuals Eye liner (my favourite!!) for all the black lines, nose,

Urban Decay Naked Basics for eyebrow and some contouring,

The Body Shop bronze eyeliner for my lip liner,

Sigma Makeup brushes saved the day

Rachel K CC Cream and Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow for foundation

DollyWink False Eyelashes

Antlers are from the tree, it’s a real branch.


Deer Makeup for Halloween DIY



All you have to do is just LIKE the photo in the link attached here (https://www.vanitytrove.com/posts/244053#.UnZ8W9xggVQ.link)



Thank you in advance!





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  1. Choi Yen says:

    Wah, u all look really awesome!

  2. Cindy Tong says:

    love ur deer makeup so pretty!!

  3. Agree, love your deer makeup! so creative of you!!

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