[Beauty Bag] Bag of Love; Halloween Edition

Bag of Love Halloween Edition

Ohhh spooky spookky

What’s in this month’s Bag of Love ? or is it the Bag of Love ? *waaaahh runs away*



Because today is Halloween, I decided to spookify the photos and give them a little vintage / old look. Witches, Jack o’ Lanterns, black cats, zombies, owls, darkness, what are you afraid ? Frizzy hair, haggard skin, pale as zombie complexion, chipped nails, dark eye circles, cellulite, oh all the women worries..

Don’t be afraid….

bag of love halloween october bag

The bag, is unlike any witches bag filled with potions, or spells, neither with lice, in the bag, are a few beauty products to save your ‘day’
Bag of Love Halloween Edition review6 items were in the bag. Speaking of the bag, I liked the bag alot!! because it can be used as a trick or treat candy bag! hahah Not so much about what was inside, but anyway, lets have a look.

bag of love collistar anti cellulite

For the body, here’s a Biorevitalizing Anti-cellulite Concentrate Cream by COLLISTAR (sample 30ml) (RM185 for 200ml)

This is quite a thin, light almost gel-like cream which sinks in rapidly and feels quite refreshing on the skin. It also has a nice, fresh scent. It’s a treatment inspired by “mesotherapy” and “biorevitalization”. It’s supposed to give tone, vitality and compactness to the body or area which you use it in. I’ll definitely give this a go on my thigh-area, but I’ve never heard of any cellulite creams ever working, so we’ll see. A 200ml tube costs RM185 and the tube has 5 metal balls at the top where the product comes out.

bag of love sp shampoo

These 2 products are for your hair, after a crazy Halloween night, you need something to smoothen your hair out. This is the System Professional Colour Save Mask (200ml RM109) and Smoothen Shampoo (250ml RM72)

Wella SP Color Save Mask is an indulgent intensive treatment for colour treated hair. Infused with beneficial antioxidants such as Olive Leaf Extract and Pro Vitamin B5, Color Save Mask delivers serous hydration and nutrition to the hair. This lusciously creamy hair mask has been formulated with Wella SP’s exclusive 3D Colour Protect Technology and works to protect colour treated hair from fading and the damaging effects of environmental aggressors.

Wella SP Smoothen Shampoo is a professional shampoo which provides exceptional protection against frizz in unruly, thick and coarse hair. Formulated with Wella SP’s exclusive Active Cashmere Complex, Smoothen Shampoo delivers suppleness and health to boisterous, frizzy and coarse hair whilst maintaining a healthy pH balance for the hair and scalp.

bag of love cc cream

bag of love cc cream trial

Nanowhite Infinity Colour Correction (CC) Cream SPF50/PA+++ at RM49.90 in Light Beige. At first glance the colour was very light and I was like “WOAAHH” Am I becoming Snow White ? but after blending, it blended quite well, albeit a little fair.

The Nanowhite Infinity CC Cream Ultra is lightweight & non-oily, it effectively:
• Evens out skin tone & conceals imperfections.
• Reduces fine lines & wrinkles.
• Moisturises & brightens.
• Minimises pores.
• Smoothens & softens skin.

bag of love definite brush


Then we have another brush in the Bag of Love DEFINITE Brush collection! This is the DEFINITE Smudger Brush priced at RM69. Its a great addition to my collection as I’m looking for a small blender brush for that smokey look.

Bag of Love Splash Glow in the dark

bag of love glow in the dark nail polish


For some extra spookiness, here’s a glow in the dark nail polish by Splassh for only RM3.90. Must be the cheapest nail polish ever. and it doesn’t glow. I tried on with 3 layers and turned off ALL the lights. nope. nothing there.

I’ve been following most of Bag of Love’s bags, except for 2 months which I thought the bag wasn’t pretty HAha. For this month’s bag, again, it had a good variety of products but I don’t find them exciting especially when I already have 2 sets of the SP range (from other beauty boxes months ago) and also the Collistar product. Overall, apart from the cute bag, the products didn’t seem exciting because there were repeated brands from other beauty boxes.

Now to get your own taste of Bag Of Love’s beauty bag awesomeness, drop by at their website and buy yourself one!



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1 Comment on [Beauty Bag] Bag of Love; Halloween Edition

  1. ShopGirl says:

    Great photos – love the special Halloween effects. The nail polish does glow! It doesn’t glow right away and it isn’t bright like a light but when I went to bed and all the lights were off all I could see were floating green fingernails. It was spooky but cool! I was so distracted I couldn’t sleep!

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