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MAgnum mini house of pleasure publika

If you’re in Publika and saw this HUGE Magnum Ice cream, you’re in for a treat. A pleasurably fun treat.

Magnum has recently launched its new creation, the Magnum Mini. Made from the finest Belgian Chocolate, the best chocolate in its class, the new Magnum Mini – a decadent bite size treat provides a moment of remarkable pleasure that can fit into any schedule, any time of the day.

Magnum Mini me

Magnum Mini Publika House of Pleasure

We are all entitled to little pleasures every now and then, regardless what form it comes in. For me, having to indulge in a delicious dessert after a long day, is one of the little pleasure of life.

Magnum Publika Event

The new Magnum Mini, now coated in thick cracking Belgian Chocolate (oh trust me, the chocolate coating was good!) comes in 3 different flavours :

  • Magnum Mini Classic; a smooth creamy vanilla ice cream covered in a layer of thick cracking Belgian Chocolate.
  • Magnum Mini Almond; a creamy vanilla ice cream, covered in a layer of thick cracking Belgian Chocolate AND crunchy almond pieces.
  • Magnum Mini Chocolate Brownie; a smooth creamy brownie flavoured ice cream coated in thick cracking Belgian Chocolate and chunky cashew nut pieces.


Magnum Mini made its debut among trendsetters and tastemakers at the Magnum Mini House of Pleasure in Publika – where the mega celebration party was held. Can you recognize some familiar faces?

Magnum Mini Moments Pleasure Seekers

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are at, having a little time off to rest and relax, have a personal mini moment and indulge a Magnum Mini whenever you want with less guilt (well since it’s a Mini now)

During the launch party, guests were immediately swpet away to a delectable array of mini indulgences. There’s an array of beautiful chocolate dessert bar, we got to decorate a 3D mini chocolate model and also enjoy a Magnum manicure!

Magnum dessert pleasures

Magnum Mini Event Manicure

chocolate blusher

Magnum Mini launch event

Met up with other girls, Kahmon, Kay, Shasha and a newly met blogger

Now if you’re wondering what’s beneath the HUGE Magnum ‘roof’, it’s the Mini House of Pleasure. Much like one’s home, one can feel free to indulge in little treats spontaneously and without any hesitation. In every room, you find one of the 9 Magnum Mini Moment Pleasure Icons reality projection.

Magnum Mini Publika

The Magnum Mini House of Pleasure will be open to the public from 24th October to 3rd November 2013 where YOU can experience for yourself, your own Magnum Mini Moments.

You then get to take photos with them and they would be uploaded to Magnum’s Facebook Page.

Here’s what we did!!

Pleasure Seeker - Elaine Daly Pleasure seeker - celebritiers

Magnum Mini Me

The new Magnum Mini is available at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, and petrol marts. They are available in a multipack of 6 for a suggested retail price of RM 12.90

For more information on the new Magnum Mini, visit the Magnum’s FB page at

Don’t forget, the Magnum Mini House of Pleasure will be open to the public from 24th October to 3rd November 2013!!

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