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Designed by hard-working hands for hard working hands. Let Yes! Nurse Intensive Moisturising Hand Formula come to the rescue of paws that are pining for moisture. Hand washing, dry weather and rinse-free sanitizes can strip hands of their natural oils leaving them dry, cracked and susceptible to eczema and dermatitis. 🙁


Nurse Lotion


Because nurses scrub their hands and apply sanitizes all day, many develop dermatitis and hands so dry that they crack and bleed, posing a risk of infection. The problem was so severe for pediatric nurse Antonia Steven that she had to take a week off work. So she set about developing an ultra-moisturizing hand-cream formula – marketed as Yes! Nurse




Yes Nurse Lotion ingredients

Each bottle is brimming with specially selected natural active ingredients all chosen for their unique ability to protect and hydrate the skin throughout the day and include manuka honey, pomegranate seed oil, aloe vera, wheatgerm oil, passion fruit seed oil, almond oil and white willow bark extract.


Nurse Lotion - Protect your lovely hands

Yes! Nurse Intensive Moisturizing Hand Formula contains a super hydrating formula, non-greasy, protects against hand washing and dermalogically tested. Being a baker, hand washing is extremely important and often. So my hands tend to be dry very fast. With Yes! Nurse hand cream formula, it keeps my hand moisturized and happy!


Yes Nurse Hand Lotion ReviewAs you can see, the texture is quite thick and creamy, but it’s not greasy.

To apply, massage 2 pea size blobs of Yes! Nurse into hands especially into problem areas such as fingertips and knuckles.

 yes nurse hand lotion

Price : RM 29.90 for 50ml tube bottle


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