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If you’ve heard of Modbox here on my blog, that was the previous giveaway and the first bloggers’ kit post which I wrote a few months ago. (link here)

This month, the kind people from Modbox has sent me a new box with new products

modbox bloggers kit preview


Now the difference between a bloggers kit and a normal kit, is only down to the amount of items inside. The regular ModBox has 3 samples for only RM9 and the bloggers’ kit, has slightly more than 3.

modbox malaysia 2


So here’s what’s in it!

modbox murad toner best seller

Murad Resurgence Hydrating Toner (15ml)

(Retail: RM128 for 180ml)

It’s an alcohol-free toner that replenishes lost moisture to refresh skin and prepare it for treatment. It’s a lightweight mist that rehydrates and refreshes skin while restoring skin’s natural pH balance and neutralizing surface impurities.  This Hydrating Toner is recommended as a step one cleanser/toner in any Murad resurgence regimen. This is a Murad bestseller for a reason!


modbox dermedex

Dermedex Biotox Cleanser (10g tube) Refining Cream 2 (5g tube) 

(Retail: Biotox Cleanser (RM120 | 50ml), Refining Cream 2 (RM165 | 30ml))

Dermedex Biotox Cleanser is based on active natural ingredients, which deeply cleanses and unclogs pores while helping to reduce the dry, thickened, outer layer of the skin. Regular use will help reveal a fresh, clearer, brighter complexion to dramatically reduce the visible signs of ageing, restoring the supple, glowing effect of healthy skin.

Dermedex Refining Cream 2 formula gives you fast solution against stress-prone skin like pimples and a dull complexion, helping your skin to resist blackheads and minimize redness.


modbox lavera hand cream

Lavera Basis Sensitiv Hand Cream (30ml)

Hardworking hands deserve to be pampered. Moisturize hard working hands with this hand cream that’s certified natural, free from animal testing AND gluten-free. Rich in organic almond oil and organic shea butter to give you softer, smoother hands!


modbox human nature shampoo

Human Nature Moisturizing Natural Shampoo with CreamFoam (50ml) – Lush Vanilla

(Retail: RM22.90 for 200ml)

Whether it’s super straight, in romantic waves, or in every trendy shade – we’ve done it all to our hair. But at what price? Dry, damaged hair! Start your hair rescue with the Natural Moisturizing Shampoo! It’s the only one with breakthrough CREAMFoam® technology, which acts like a lotion to soften and nourish your hair. Plus, it’s got Philippine coco nectar, bursting with amino acids, vitamins and minerals! It is sulfate-free, it’s definitely good for you and for our earth too. Comes in either Lush Vanilla or Fresh Mandarin

modbox kneipp Herbal Bath, Body Oil & Body Lotion

Kneipp Eucalyptus Herbal Bath (10ml sachet), Almond Blossom Body Lotion + Lavender Herbal Body Oil (8ml sachets) 

(Retail: Eucalyptus Herbal Bath (RM67 for 100ml), Almond Blossom Body Lotion (RM89 for 200ml), Lavender Herbal Body Oil (RM67 for 100ml))

A set natural-based bath & body samples for your indulgence! Soothe aches and clear sinuses with the Eucalpytus Herbal Bath, and nourish and moisturise skin with a rich Almond Blossom Body Lotion and a wonderfully therapeutic Lavender Herbal Body Oil.

Kneipp Eucalyptus Herbal Bath is a highly concentrated bath treatment with aroma-intensive, essential eucalyptus oil from an evergreen tree, stimulates and helps relieve sinuses especially during cold and flu season. Use Eucalyptus when you feel feel a cold or flu coming. The signs could be chills, stuffy nose, head congestion, general tiredness. It is also helpful during allergy season and can be cooling in summer.

Kneipp Lavender Herbal Massage Oil combines intensely pampering plant oils and carefully selected, natural lavender essential oils. While massaging it unfolds its balancing, aromatherapeutic effect which benefits body and mind. The high amounts of emollient jojoba oil and sweet almond oil help regulate the skin’s natural hydration. Kneipp Lavender Herbal Massage Oil spreads easily and absorbs slowly to allow the maximum benefits of a relaxing massage. Suitable all skin types.

Kneipp Almond Blossom Body Lotion contains emollient, Sweet Almond Oil, as well as moisturizing Avocado and Jojoba, to hydrate the skin. This pleasantly scented, non-greasy body lotion absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.

Modbox 2All in all, it’s quite a range of products and there’s a fair bit of natural and organic products. It contains products for hair, body, face and hands; which is good.

You can get the Modbox Beauty Box, and after trying them and you like to get a full size, you can also purchase them at Modbox’s website.





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  1. Carolyn says:

    faster use Dermedex then review it! I am curious :p

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