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Pardon my absence as I was relatively sick (like a dog) for the past 4 days. I was feeling much better today tho I still have this very annoying itchy throat that coughs your life out if it tickles. Errr yeah. But I was scheduled to meet some of my girlfriends for brunch, well, gotta go anyways haha cause didn’t wanna miss out catching up with them.

So I found this place called BreadFruits in Desa Sri Hartamas. I usually find out about new places via instagram, as I’m a IG-addict if you may call so.

breadfruits sri hartamas brunch


As the name suggest, you are going to find lots of fruits here. I like it that they use lots of fresh and healthy ingredients in their meals too!

breadfruit sri hartamas brunch fruitWhether you are looking for a cup of juice to boost your immune system or improve metabolism, or a cup of warm soothing honey lemon drink, you are bound to leave this place with a higher dose of vitamin c than when you came in.

Breadfruits desa sri hartamas brunch klTheir menu ranges from the regular weekend brunch, pasta, salad and sandwiches. Also on the counter are made to order fresh juice, danishes and strudels, coffee and another specialty, Malaysian Wild Honey.

breadfruits smoked salmon platter

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Platter, with avocado and capers, scrambled free range eggs, sourdough toast and arugula. (RM24.80+) Generous serving of smoked salmon, perfectly cooked scrambled eggs and such delicious combo of avocado, tomato and capers, drizzled with some freshly squeezed lemon. I could just eat the avocado all by itself. This platter comes with a small glass of juice of the day and a serving of coffee or tea.

breadfruits tree hugger vegan brunchThe Tree Hugger (RM 21.80), a vegetarian option. Sourdough Toast, mushroom, tomato, avocado, mashed potato, homemade baked beans and arugula. This baked bean is not your ordinary canned Heinz baked beans. It’s made with cannellini beans and a simple tomato sauce with what seems like olives. This also comes with a juice of the day and a serving of coffee or tea.

breadfruit sri hartamas 7min egg pastaThis dish resembles a homemade carbonara. The Brunch Pasta with 7 min egg (RM16.80) comes in a loadful of bacon, mushroom, cherry tomaty and arugula. Well, the egg ??

breadfruit brunch pastaPour out and stir it!. The ooey gooey yolk makes a good sauce.

breadfruit banana bacon french toastAnother dish well recommended was the Roasted Banana Bacon French Toast with Passionfruit Wild Honey (RM18.80). The bread seems more just toasted than dipped and fried with egg. But I can accept that. The combination of banana, bacon, cinnamon sugar and passionfruit AND honey seems good enough.

breadfruit delicious french toast banana bacon passionfruit honey


How delicious does that look!! I love passionfruit, so I love it when people use more of it, in drinks, cakes, dessert or dishes like this!

We also had some pastries after chatting for 1 hour, and some freshly concocted juices and the special Wild Honey Lemon drink to soothe my uber itchy throat. The bill came up to about RM 110 ish for 4 person.

I don’t feel greasy or uneasy at all after the meal, infact I was just fine and seemed like we just ate something very healthy! HAHA. There may be fat in avocado or smoked salmon, but they are all good fats, that everyone needs. So if you’re in for a healthy brunch option around town, Breadfruits in Desa Sri Hartamas may be the best bet yet.


17, Jalan 26/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6201-0090
PS: you will see more Brunch posts coming up! It’s like my weekend to-do lately.


6 Comments on [Brunch] Healthy & Delicious Brunch at BreadFruits

  1. Choy Foong says:

    The Brunch Pasta with 7 min egg looks good..nxt round I’m going to try tht…

  2. Choi Yen says:

    So many people blogged /insta about this place, no need to go dy because must be hard to get a table 🙁

  3. Lizzie Leong says:

    The passion fruit toast looks really scrumptious! want to try it badly but it’s way too far!! 🙁

  4. Julie says:

    I am from JB and me n hubby had accidentally found this wonderful cafe in the middle of our quest to our hotel. Actually we lost our way..huhu…Had my great detox juice here for starting and end up with 2 more type of juices, passion fruits and 3 bottles of wild honey that tasted extremely amazing. I m not a honey lover but this honey just tasted so different. Everybody should try it! The ambience is very cool coz it has kind of rustic n industrial design concept. I love it! The owner is very friendly and through my observation, he is a very sincere person in his business. I am a Muslim and since it is a non-halal eatery so that i was not able to try the food eventhough all of them look very yummy. But the drinks are great n someday i will defintely return back for the juice and wild honey. Good job n all the best in your business.

  5. marie says:


    Just wanted to try this out but i dont suppose they are open for dinner time too? Can any kind samaritan let me know if they have a dinner time menu or if they are even open during that hour? hehe dont mind having their healthy food as dinner:)


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