[Giveaway Closed] Talika Body Shaping Challenge & Bloggers Meet @ Acme Bar

Update 29th Oct

Hello! Sorry for the delay,

here are the winners for this Giveaway

1. Noni Awang

2. Yuh Juin

3. ameliachiang (from instagram)


Please kindly email me your details (name, contact, mailing address) before 31st Oct so I can send them out to you. Sorry for the delay again. Hope you like it.




If you remember in my last post about the Talika Body Shaping Challenge (Part 1), I have been using the Bust Phytoserum and Back Up 3D for more than 28 days. My routine was only using at at night on weekdays and both day and night over the weekend.

talika body shaping challenge

So after the end of this challenge, we had a brunch gathering with Talika and some of the other bloggers who participated in this challenge at Acme Bar & Coffee. It was just a casual session of getting to know each other and sharing beauty tips too.

acme brunch talikabodyshapingchallenge 2 acme brunch talikabodyshapingchallenge talikabodyshapingchallenge acme bar

During the brunch gathering, we were also given the next stage’s products, Shaping Serum and Zero Stretch Mark. I will explain more about that on my next post.


Other blogger and challenges, and Rebecca and Cindy from Talika Malaysia (both on my right) *Photo from Traclyn


So what’s the overall result of using Back Up 3D and Bust Phytoserum.

All these while I actually only believed in excercise to shape up or tone up your body. Not that I’m any hardcore fitness junkie, I do ‘occasionally’ exercise lol. But with the Back Up 3D and Bust Phytoserum, it AIDS in shaping up, faster.

While squats give u the best looking butt, the back up 3D helps quicken it and smoothens skin surface. I have noticed that my butt is lifted, especially at the side and back of thigh because when I apply, I massage with an upwards motion from the top of thigh to the butt, which gives it the lifting effect.

As for the Bust Phytoserum, it appears to be more full. I wouldn’t say it has actually became bigger, but, more full and lifted. You can also pair it with a palm press by clasp your hands together in front of your chest and push your palms against each other.

talika body shaping challenge carefree yatch

one day i’ll be able to do this

I’m pretty much happy with the result tho I can probably include some more hardcore exercise to the routine to make its difference more apparent. Anyway, it also comes down to your own self confidence.

Be carefree and live a healthy living life, be happy!

Taiwan - Hualien - Chisingtan

Now that i’m happy, it’s time to make you all happy! Talika Malaysia has kindly sponsored 3 sets of Talika Bust Phytoserum and Back Up 3D of 15ml for you to try

To win them, just follow these steps in the rafflecopter app (Make sure you complete all steps to qualify) and answer in my comment box below, on what makes you happy?

2 Winners will be chosen from those who entered from the blog. 1 Winner will be chosen from the Instagram contest.

Talika-Body-Shaping-Challenge- contest

Talika-Body-Shaping-Challenge-Brunch-ig contest

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Open to Malaysia residents only
  • All entries are checked for accuracy and will be validated.
  • If your task has not been completed, your entry will not be counted and will be fortified (Eg: Missing Comment)
  • Participants can enter as many times as you wish but each individual can only win one set.
  • A new winner will be regenerate if you’re a winner who did not complete task.
  • If you are joining via Instagram, make sure your profile is not private, as I can’t then see your creative photos.
  • Winners will be announced here on Tuesday, 15th Oct, 2013 and must be respond within 24 hours.
  • Contest starts from today until Monday 14th Oct, 2013 @ 12 midnight! 

talika body shaping challenge carefreeBe awesome!



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