[Review] Beautymate Polypeptide Collagen Revitalizing Mask

I was recently sent the BeautyMate Polypeptide Collagen Revitalizing Mask by HiShop Malaysia. As I’m an ardent fan of face masks, I couldn’t wait to try this out. However some photos on my camera were corrupted hence I had to redo alot of things again.. (bummer)

Anyway, let’s check this out

beautymate hishop mask

BEAUTYMATE skincare series is developed in Japan incorporating years of expertise and knowledge. It is tailor-made for Oriental women and utilizes premium grade natural ingredients. It brings a brand new skincare experience and lets customers indulge in freshness, softness and gentleness. People are now looking for naturalness, especially when it comes to caring for the skin. This is what BEAUTYMATE is about. The brand believes that high-grade, high-purity ingredients are key to skincare: therefore focusing on providing the best quality products and solutions to all kinds of skincare needs.

beautymate hishop collagen mask review

What is Collagen Peptide?

Collagen peptide is a natural body protein produced inside the body. Collagen and elastin in the body are produced to prevent dermal layers of the skin from developing skin folds. After they are created, these substances create collagen peptide bundles, resulting in firm skin. When the bundles decrease, the appearance of wrinkles becomes more noticeable.

How can Collagen Peptide help ?

Collagen Peptide Multi is the best nutrition supplement for reducing the wrinkles causes by dehydration. It replenishes moisture while revitalizes skin hydration level.

beautymate hishop polypeptide collagen revitalizing mask

How to use the Beautymate Polypeptide Collagen Revitalizing Mask ?

It is suggested to use 1 to 2 times a week, or more often if necessary.

Spread mask over face and then take off the porous pearl paper. Gently press on mask with fingertips to ensure a snug fit. Leave mask on for 10-15 minutes, then remove. Wipe off remaining essence with a cotton pad.

Apart from that, with advanced Japanese Nano Technology combined with wood pulp with silk from Japan, this mask has a strong water-locking power, which can perfectly hold the essence, so that the skin can absorb full nutrients to bring you a long-lasting skin care experience.

beautymate hishop polypeptide collagen revitalizing mask review


after beautymate hishop polypeptide mask reviewWell, you can hardly see any difference in ONE mask usage, but usually with any masks or skincare, a consistent use of at least 6 weeks will give a more apparent result.

For me, the mask material was kinda too thin for my liking. But it is otherwise a quite refreshing mask especially on a hot day like this!

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  1. Choulyin says:

    I’ve actually heard good reviews about the Beautymate masks…will try it out one day…for now, for me TT is still the best :p

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