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ma cherie my sweetheart

I was at Ma Chérie Latest Hair Styling & Treatment launch recently (Thanks to Jerine  and Ma Cherie for the invitation). Ma Chérie is a Japanese hair care brand that is often associated with floral, sweet, feminine scent and aroma that induces a sense of French romance. Ma Chérie means “my sweetheart to me”, well I suppose have a good hair day, beats anything down, so time to treat your hair like your sweetheart k!

I first knew about it when I read it on qiugiu‘s blog some time ago and have been wanting to try them since.

ma cherie products malaysia

Ma Chérie consists of 2 full hair care ranges and 1 hair styling range designed to smooth and tame hair. They are formulated with its signature ingredient; Honey Gelee, that work together harmoniously to infuse every strand of hair with abundant moisture.

ma cherie honey gelee

Now, in the latest Ma Chérie Hair Styling & Treatment range, you will see them formulated with it’s signature Honey Gelee. What are the new products ? The Decoration Keep Spray, Hair Honey Gelee (Soft Wavy) and End Cure Milk. These new range of items will help style and set your hair without damaging the ends.

ma cherie hair gelee and spray launchEnd Cure Milk, Hair Gelee and the Decoration Keep Spray. The packaging is always in a shades of pink to exude sweet floral femininity. They all smell divine, as with all Ma Cherie Hair Care products! Always fall in love with the scent

Now let’s see what the new products have to offer.

ma cherie decoration keep spraymacherie honey geleemacherie end cure milk

  So while Ma Cherie End Cure Milk repairs and treats split ends (ahem which I have alot of), Honey Hair Gelee and the Decoration Keep Spray are more for styling use. Maybe you won’t need to use everyday because I’m sure you don’t style your hair into a fancy do every day right ?

ma cherie roses

But on the occasional events or some rather important events like weddings (err, maybe big birthday?) hair styling plays quite a big role as you want to keep your curls or hair do in place for at least 5 hours or until the events last! But in my experience of hair sprays, they all don’t smell very pleasant. As with Ma Cherie products, the Decoration Keep Spray smells really nice!

ma cherie hair do

We also got to try some of the products.. Do I have to say again ? they all smell very nice la!! Well, not only we get to try the products, but we also got to see the models’ hair, tied and styled with Ma Cherie’s products.

ma cherie hair bride models

ma cherie modelsEh quite an attention grabber right if you hair was like the one on left during your wedding day ? because people won’t remember about the food or performance, but your hair will be the talked about for some time. Hah

Macherie blogger event

Ma cherie blogger event publikaWahaha, we also wanna be like the models. Jerine, Constance (ALL the way from Penang!) and myself.

Ma Cherie Decoration Keep Spray, Hair Honey Gelee (Soft Wavy) and End Cure Milk are all available at selected Guardian and Aeon Wellness outlets from August 2013 onwards.


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  1. oh dang! i belum blog about this event :/

    nice meeting you Sweesan! you’re as swee(t) as your name 😀

  2. Choi Yen says:

    I like the girlie pinkish packaging~

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