Pineapple Shortcake and Ocean Park Gift Set from Kee Wah Hong Kong


I lugged back some (actually alot) of confectioneries and pastries from Kee Wah Hong Kong (courtesy of KW) during their Mooncake Making workshop

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Kee Wah Pineapple Cake Assorted

Now what are inside these tins? Tea leaves? Nope..Mooncakes? nope..

Kee Wah Assorted Pineapple cake

Kee Wah Pineapple Cake


Pineapple shortcake!! These are the Taiwanese made famous Pineapple shortcakes.Each tin fits 4 pieces of shortcake at RM 18.

Kee Wah Pineapple Cake 2

While I still prefer the one from Taiwan, Kee Wah has a range of flavours apart from the original pineapple filling. Some of which are the original, pineapple with walnut, pineapple with salted egg yolk and mango shortcake!

Kee Wah Ocean Park Gift BoxAnother Gift Pack I was very excited about were the Ocean Park Old Hong Kong themed Gift Boxes. If you’ve been to Ocean Park recently, you’d know they have a street in there, where everything is like it in the 60s. Not that I was from the 60s era but it’s the Old Hong Kong era with bell bottom pants and colourful flare skirts.

Kee Wah Ocean Park Collaboration Gift BoxThe suitcase was so pretty! I wished they had these in Malaysia. So what’s inside the ‘suitcase’ ?

Kee Wah Ocean Park Assorted Cookiestadah!!! assorted cookies. There’s the panda cookies, butter egg rols, ginger cookies, walnut cookies and other stuffs! The panda cookie is so cute right!!!

Kee Wah Mini Panda Ocean Park Mooncake

in the Panda and bamboo box, it’s a range of assorted mooncakes. The only difference is that this one has a panda face on top.

I can now keep accessories in this box once the mooncakes are finished 🙂

Kee Wah Mini Panda Mixed Nuts Ham Mooncake

Hrmm. should I say again ?? The Mixed Nuts and Ham mooncake is really yummy!! I must say, despite the high price, you’re sure to find good quality ingredients in it!

My favourite has to be the White Lotus Double Yolk Mooncake and Mixed Nuts and Ham, but please don’t take my word for it. Try it out first 😉

Kee Wah Mooncakes is now available in Malaysia, specifically in 1 Utama’s Mid-Autumn Festival Roadshow in Oval New Wing starting Friday (6th September 2013) Do catch them and have your hands on these specially flown in from Hong Kong Mooncakes. They really do taste different than the locally made ones ;)

Thanks Kee Wah for the mooncakes and goodies!





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  1. yuhjiun says:

    That’s so cute! Gotta get my hands on that 😀

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