Mid-Autumn Festival : Kee Wah Bakery Mooncake, from Hong Kong to Malaysia

Hey! Yesterday was the first day of the 8th Lunar Month in the Chinese calendar. Which means, in 2 weeks time, it would be Mid-Autumn Festival! Wow, time has certainly passed by in a jiffy.. I’ll be sharing some mooncakes and gift boxes from Kee Wah Bakery from Hong Kong. This will be the first year they are in Malaysia so yes, please do check them out. Kee Wah Mooncake Lotus Paste with double yolk As Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most popular lunar event after Chinese New Year, it is always a great time to spread the love by sending mooncakes to family, friends and business associates. Kee wah Supreme White Lotus 4 yolks mooncake In general, Kee Wah offers very traditional mooncake flavours. You don’t see overly exotic fruit or flavour combinations in their range of mooncakes. Their main flavours are Lotus Seed (White or Golden), Red Bean and Mixed Nuts and you can expect a high quality and consistent good flavour of the paste. Apart from that, Kee Wah also have the custard mooncake range.

Kee Wah Mooncake Box 4 Lotus Yolk For a start, Kee Wah Supreme Mooncake comes in several packaging. One of which is the iconic emperor metal tin box; the Supreme Regulars. (Price from RM 96 – RM 140 for 4 regular sized mooncakes) It is a simple packaging that showcases the quality of mooncake itself. Kee Wah Mooncake Mini Gift Box Set Then there is also a smaller one, that fits 4 mini mooncakes. (RM 45) It’s a good gift for ladies who don’t wanna indulge in too much mooncakes 😉 Comes in assorted flavour of Red Bean, Lotus seed and Mixed nut. Kee Wah Supreme Mooncake Gift Set Kee Wah Supreme Mooncake Gift Box Set 8 Now if you prefer something more elegant and ‘generous’, this is the triple layer gift box, tied with a golden string that features 8 Mooncakes (4 Double Yolk White Lotus, 4 Quadruple Yolks White Lotus and 2 Chinese tea). This Royal Supreme Mooncake with Chinese Tea Gift Box will definitely show the deepest respect to those most important to you. (RM 380) Packagings aside, let’s have a look at the mooncake varieties. I have a few favourites, some unexpected! Kee Wah Mooncake Mini Gift Box Set Lotus The Golden Mini Mooncake with Half Yolk with Golden Lotus Paste. The golden lotus paste has a  caramelized hue with a gentle aroma. With only half a yolk, it’s a much more forgiving mooncake to indulge. I find the Golden Lotus Paste slightly sweeter compared to the White Lotus Paste. Kee Wah Mini Mooncake Lotus and Red Bean Kee Wah Mini Mooncake Red Bean Half Yolk Mini Red Bean Mooncake with Half Yolk. I think I’m a traditionalist when it comes to mooncake. Though red bean paste is just as traditional, I still very much enjoyed Lotus Paste compared to red bean. Kee Wah Mooncake Lotus double yolk Kee Wah Golden Lotus Mooncake Golden Mooncake with Double Yolk. This is one of the more popular type of mooncake, thin tender mooncake skin encasing a rich lotus seed paste and 2 salty egg yolks. One thing I liked about Kee Wah’s mooncakes are the yolks! It’s full bodied, still moist, not crumbly and very fragrant! Kee Wah Supreme Mooncake Gift Box with Mooncake and teaAs it’s always great to enjoy a wedge of mooncake with a cup of Chinese Tea to ‘wash down’ the sugar and fat from mooncakes, The Royal Supreme Mooncake with Chinese Tea Gift Box is definitely a top choice as a gift. In there, are 8 Lotus paste mooncakes, 4 Double Yolks and 4 Quadruple Yolks. I know, do people actually eat 4 yolks in ONE mooncake ? It’s quite ridiculous but because the yolks are so yummy, It’s a winner for me!! (Not so much for my cholesterol tho. ) Kee Wah Supreme White Lotus Mooncake Double yolk Featuring the White Lotus Paste and Double Yolk Mooncake, the paste is much pale in colour compared to the golden lotus paste. But it does not faint in flavour. Infact me and my family all loved the White Lotus most. It’s very aromatic but not too overpowering. Can you see how glistening gold the yolk is ? my favourite! Kee Wah Supreme White Lotus Four Yolks Mooncake Kee Wah Supreme White Lotus Double yolk mooncake Double Yolks or Quadruple Yolks, which would you prefer? I think you know by now, I’m an ardent fan of the yolks in Kee Wah’s Mooncake!! Kee Wah Mixed Nuts Ham Mooncake Kee Wah Mixed Nuts mooncake Also, one of my newly discovered favourite is the Mixed Nuts and Ham Mooncake from Kee Wah. I do not fancy mixed nuts mooncake because there tend to be a fake winter melon aroma or a waxy taste to it. But Kee Wah’s don’t have that artificial aroma to it and it smells very strongly of almond, walnuts and maltose, making it more fragrant. Texture wise it wasn’t gluey or too chewy. There are bits of shredded ham to chew on too. And I gotta say, I love it! I love the sweet, sticky and salty taste of this mooncake. Kee Wah Piglet Treat Mooncake   We must not forget the Piglet Treats made from the mooncake skin. These are my childhood favourite.

*above photo from en.keewah.com
kee wah chocolate custard mooncake

Traditional mooncakes aside, these are the new breeds. Custard Mooncakes. Remember in my previous post where I learnt how to make the custard mooncake ? These custard mooncakes are rising to the occasion! In Hong Kong, there are more flavours like Egg, Chocolate, Mango, Green Tea and Black Sesame but there’s only the Egg Custard ones in Malaysia. As the skin contains butter and eggs, it’s more cookie like, something like the pineapple pastry but not as crumbly. I think children would love this! kee wah chocolate custard mooncake 2The Chocolate Custard filling is made from French Chocolate (and to think that it’s a complete Chinese confectionery haha, it isn’t), the skin is buttery, fillings are dense and not too greasy. My favourite of the whole lot would be the Chocolate Custard. But too bad, there isn’t any here in Malaysia. Don’t worry, the Egg Custard one tasted just as good. Kee Wah Mooncake logo Kee Wah Mooncakes are now in Malaysia, specifically in 1 Utama’s Mid-Autumn Festival Roadshow in Oval New Wing starting this Friday (6th September 2013) Do catch them and have your hands on these specially flown in from Hong Kong Mooncakes. They really do taste different than the locally made ones ;) http://en.keewah.com

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