The Retreat’s Intense Serum and Repair Emulsion

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Ok it seems awkward to start a post with my face as the first picture lol. In recent weeks, I’ve been seeing an improve on my skin.

I used to have alot of breakouts especially on my forehead and also lately at the bottom cheeks. It’s not because that my skin is oily but it is often lacked of hydration, as mentioned by alot of BA. And its due to the dryness that causes breakouts, like because my body knows my skin is dry, so it automatically produces a layer of oil and thus one of the reasons of the breakout. Of course I still do not have perfect skin but an improvement is a great motivation!


the retreat serum

I found that my skin is more hydrated and plump. Not so dry and dull.

Its all because I started to introduce more products to use at night. I am usually the 3 step person (sometimes 2) and thats it. Of course with the introduction of the right serum and additional moisturizer, I can see the difference.

I have previously been using The Retreat’s Essentials skincare range (read post here) and have been pretty happy with the results. These 2 are the additional stuffs, serum and repair emulsion.


retreat intense serum

The Intense Serum, which main ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera Extract, Bulgarian Rose Extract. It smells nice due to the rose extract and it’s not too watery or sticky when applied. Primarily, the function is to increase hydration


intense serum

It absorbs quickly without the feeling of icky or stick. It has great water absorption capabilities, allowing it to accumulate moisture and lock it into your skin. Once I accidentally spilled a little of it on the floor and I didn’t clean it up. Till the next day, it is still there. If it was purely water, it would have been evaporated but the serum managed to trap the moisture and lock it in.

Actually my mom said so wan lah cause she tried some beauty mist and spray on the mirror and left it for a day. It doesn’t evaporate.. Well she used to be a beautician so there must be some logic behind it.

I only use it at night but its’ recommeded to use day and night by the doctor.

Oh right, incase you didn’t read the previous post about the Essential range, The Retreat Skincare series was developed by Dr Ong, medical aesthetic doctor in The Retreat Clinic.


the retreat intense emulsion

Another item is the Repair Emulsion where its main ingredients are Honey Extract, Perilla Ocymoides Extract, Athea Officianalis Extract. It smells strongly of honey (actually the colour resembles that too) and it always feels very yummy to apply it after the usual moisturizer. Perilla Ocymoides (is a plant from the mint family) Extract has very strong anti-inflammatory properties and anti-cancer ability when skin is exposed to UVB light. This emulsion is great to use for irritated and dry skin, and even protect the skin from ageing and cancer!


repair emulsion honey

I only use this at night as I feel it is a bit too thick for day usage, especially when I still apply a layer of UV cream in the morning. And if I apply this, the next morning, my face would feel more plump like doink doink. That’s the thing with sleeping in air-con rooms as the skin tends to feel very dry. As I do not like to use sleeping mask (or I haven’t come across any nice sleeping masks), this one does the job pretty well.


ultimate hydration duo

So now you can get both these in a set at The Retreat Clinic; Ultimate Hydration Set at a reduced price at RM 399 (from RM 486) in conjunction with the merdeka and malaysia day celebration or while stocks last.

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