More dim sum please ?

Hey hey!!

This is just a quickie update!!! (and typing this while waiting for my nail polish to dry)

First, there’s a giveaway happening .. 3 x modbox to be given away

Second, voucher for Eyelash Extension is still applicable till 31st August. The voucher is <here> in my first trial in PP, I went back for 2nd time and had a double layer extension done.. It can last longer!!

The first one lasted 6 weeks before it became too heavy and I had a ‘roof’ on top of my eye and I had to go remove it …

Photo Aug 15, 8 03 53 PMPhoto Aug 16, 5 27 37 PM

Third, its my baby nephew’s fullmoon so…. Yi Yi (aunt) which is me, made his first cutsey pie cake! I tried ombre, and had lots of blue.. like deprived of blue cause I’m been making so many princessy-girly children cakes…

Photo Aug 17, 10 19 51 AM

The animals somehow or rather represented he and his sisters.. lol.. Which somewhat reminded of Madagascar.. LOL And this 5 layers 9 ” cake, used 1 kg of butter.. It was a super yummy italian meringue buttercream that I can eat just like that.. but seriously.. it’s buttery yet light!!

Lastly ….. (since my nails are dry now)

I will be awaaaaaay in dim sum land on 2 missions.. LOL .. actually many things to do there but but but I cannot tell u now..

3rd time in 13 months.. and this time, I had no itinerary printed out. (terror d la; hahaha) < previous post about HK

Ok folks, see u when I see u 😉 !!


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1 Comment on More dim sum please ?

  1. Choi Yen says:

    Enjoy your trip~

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