#TalikaBodyShapingChallenge with Bust Phytoserum and Back Up 3D

Drawing inspiration from NASA’s research into the effects of light waves on our skin, TALIKA discovered in 1996 that each wavelength has cosmetic properties, TALIKA pioneered LIGHT THERAPY with the development of Lights, mobile light devices that accurately emit these wavelengths.

In 2012, TALIKA launched the first two Photo-Beauty therapy lines; Anti-Aging and Brightening. (Read about the launch here). These new-generation skincare products can be used separately or in combination with lights for even greater results. Now in 2013, TALIKA is focusing its efforts on the field of vibration technology and leveraging the combined effects of ultrasound waves, light 630 wavelength and infrared light to create a new shaping breakthrough: PHOTO-BEAUTY THERAPY SHAPING
talika body shaping challenge

This is actually a mini-challenge using both BUST PHYTOSERUM and BACK UP 3D for 28 days, recording how one feels after using it externally and emotionally. Sometimes there are things which can’t be seen physically, self-confidence and self-esteem. It can’t be planted or operated or inserted in. It has to come from within, and if you are naturally feeling good about yourself, you would have a higher self-confidence. Isn’t that true ? If putting on some make up makes you feel good, then there’s nothing wrong with it. If you feel good with a bare naked face, then it’s perfectly fine too! But u know, we can always use a little firmness and lifting at the bust and butt anytime!


talika bust phytoserum

In 2009 when Talika first introduced their first Bust Serum which key ingredients are some plant-based Gunggul extract matched with traditional Ayurvedic medicine, there was a remarkable results within 6 weeks where 80% of women felt they had firmer breast skin and 70% of women noticed a lifting effect (based on 30 women over 6 weeks) Then in 2011, the Bust Serum leveled up to 2.0 and it upgrades the formula to increase hydration of the delicate breast tissue. It is also enriched with hyaluronic acid to plumps and moisturizes the skin. 46% had an increase in hydration (based on 5 women)

So in 2013, Talika launched the Bust Serum, with Phyto therapy, calling it Bust Phytoserum. It has even more plant-based active ingredients such as mangosteen, quince and sea kelp bio-ferment to encourage the natural retention of fats in adipocytes (fat cells) and improve skin elasticity in the chest area. Also maintaining the Guggul extract, it fortifies fat storage and increases breast volume.

My thoughts:

I have used it for about 3 weeks and yes I did notice a firmer and lifted bust. Application for this is done in a “figure of 8” across your bust with 2 pumps. I also make sure to push the fats near my underarm towards the bust cause thats what you don’t wanna see when u are wearing a tube top.. I think there’s still 1/3 left in the bottle as I only use it at night after I shower. It also has a cooling sensation after application. I usually DO NOT have much time in the morning to put on anything, I only put a UV cream on my face and that’s it lol..


talika back up 3d

To achieve that “S” body shape, u need bust, AND buttock, not flat but perky kim-kardashian type. Haha. The BACK UP 3D is the 1st ‘push up effect’ ultra-serum for the buttocks inspired by Indo-African rituals. The recipe for the push up effect is backed up with Guggul (increases volume and plumps), Ngalama Bark (high in anti-oxidant, firms and smoothes the skin surface), Marula oil (nourishing and rich in Vitamin E), Ohelis Rye Extract (Restores the strength of the skin by lifting the interior by retracting muscle fibroblash fibers) and Ginger extract (fight water retention and cellulite)

In a 4 weeks consumer test on 31 volunteers, there’s a 93% satisfaction and 77% of women feel better in their skin with 90% felt lifted, and 64% feels sculpted. So from the ‘pear shape’ buttock, you can now have the ‘apple shape’ buttock.

My thoughts

For application, 2 pumps on both side and massage in a circular motion upwards. Saying, this one finishes faster as each use needs about 4 pumps. As the skin on the buttock is thicker than at the bust, the effect takes a while to be seen. But when you’re able to hold that pair of jeans and fits it perfectly, you know something is different. I also only use at night (same reason as above)




What I also like about the bottle is that when you pump, the innard lifts up this no wastages at the bottom of the bottle.

Ok, so …… what’s going to happen after I finish both bottles ??? We’ll see



(these products were sent to me for review)


2 Comments on #TalikaBodyShapingChallenge with Bust Phytoserum and Back Up 3D

  1. cindy tong says:

    either the shape become flat or remain when the bottle finishes….muahahaha….

  2. Jennifer Hew says:

    Swee San~~~~~~~ Show butt butt LOL. No la just joking. You need to massage for how long ah?

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