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I love nail polish & lacquer, but I seldom go to manicures and pedicures. I try different colours and combinations and all but the thing with applying nail polishes at home is, I don’t have the patience to do double coating, or extra top coat. I once tried gel nail manicure and I loved it, because it lasts so long!! It doesn’t crack or chip even after 3 weeks. But we know it’s not very good for the nails T__T

So anyway, I tried the COLLISTAR new polish; it’s a Gloss Nail Lacquer with Gel Effect.

collistar nail polish pink

The extreme and long-lasting brilliance of the new Gloss Nail Lacquer is sublimated by a special technology that guarantees a two fold effect: 3D plumping and gel effect. From a test on 30 women on 4-7 days with this nail lacquer applied on top of a base coat, 80%  of them did not have chipped colour.

collistar nail polish

The concentration of bristles (350 in each brush!), together with its short, rounded shape, guarantees excellent loading and release of the colour and makes it easy to apply even for less expert users and those with shorter nails.

Collistar is a long-established beauty brand that hails from Italy. Established in 1982, it has grown from strength to strength through its unwavering dedication to product innovation and utmost sincere pursuit in wanting to help women all the world to look beautiful. Along the way, it has made several major breakthrough and created many FIRSTs in the beauty business. A truly respectable and deserving award-winning brand in many aspects.

The Collistar Gel Nail Lacquer has a 37 shades and divided to 8 colour families.


collistar colour shades


collistar nail polish by sasaThis is the Frivolous Fuschia 550. I’ve matched it with a glittery-mermaid glitter polish for some fun. I have only applied 1 coat and it has managed to colour quite well. Glossy, yes. Because the brush is quite thick, it captures quite alot of lacquer and can be quite liquid to apply, but it’s not diluted. It dries fast!!

In the first 4 days, yes, there was no chips or cracks.. I do lots of things, play with dogs, walking them, washing stuffs, wash hair.. So I must say it’s not too bad. I’ve had it for more than 7 days now. only the very top part is a little chipped (the colour, not my nails ) which I’m very impressed with!

Plus points : Dries fast, glossy and last long.

collistar gel like polish


The Collistar Gloss Nail Lacquer Gel Effect can be purchased from SASA Malaysia stores at RM 29 each.



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