NaviBot-S, Your Independent Little Helper

samsung navibot - s deviceSamsung Malaysia has introduced a new and improved version of the NaviBot robotic vacuum cleaner – the Navibot-S. Robotic vacuum cleaner saves time and hassle, because after a long day, the last thing you want to do is to go through the arduous chore of cleaning up, it can be done while you’re not at home, so when you come back, you get a spring sparkling clean floor and spotless environment.

Having the comfort of living in my parents’ house with maid, I never had to worry about sweeping the floors. But, well you know, I’m always intrigued by household gadgets. LOL I got the see the demo of this robotic vacuum cleaner by Samsung.



One of the new feature of the NaviBot-S, it comes with an Auto Dust Emptying System. The dust-removing function that automatically removes dust from the vacuum cleaner into another compartment at the recharging station. And you may just need to clean that compartment once a week or month, depending on how dirty the floors are.

It can be programmed with a weekly cleaning schedule, and thus, cleans automatically at a certain time!



It is also equipped with an upgraded software system of Visionary Mapping Plus System. It enables faster cleaning in a more efficient movement. It will automatically take the shortest route back to the docking station for recharging, reducing downtime while cleaning. When it is fully recharged, it will go back to its last location and resume cleaning. So if you have huge house, you don’t need to worry about it not being able to reach out to all areas.

SAMSUNG NAVIBOT S SPOT MODEWith the Dust Awareness Sensor, the NaviBot-S is able to sense dusty areas and clean it repeatedly, until the spot is completely clean. It can also be programmed to Spot Mode which enables it to clean an area of up to 1.5 meters in a diameter using a spiral motion. It should be used for a particularly dirty or dusty area.

SAMSUNG NAVIBOT-S wider brushIt has a wider brush which provides faster and more powerful cleaning performance. The 204mm-wide brush is 25% wider, thus creating a wider coverage area. The NaviBot-S’s wheel moves backwards and up, its main drum position reduces resistance and makes it easier to cross over the floor strip.

For cleaning on carpet area or rugs, the Turbo Mode is recommended.

SAMSUNG NAVIBOT-S CLIFF SENSORSWhoops! if you have staircases in your house, the last think you want is to see your robotic vacuum cleaner tumbling down.. T__T The NaviBot-S has 3 built-in Clif Sensors to enable it to detect split levels and the edges of stairs.

This slim and sleek design allows more effective narrow area cleaning. It is 80mm, 11% slimmer than before and can easily go under the sofa to clean, without compromising its cleaning performance

The NaviBot-S is also equipped with Air Path Technology which reduces irritating noise. (Vacuum Cleaners can be rather noisy) The noise level is at about 60dB, which makes it one of the most silent robotic vacuum cleaners available.

The Samsung NaviBot-S retails at RM 2999 and is available at all Samsung outlets.

For more information on Samsung’s digital appliances, visit or Samsung Malaysia FB page






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