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samsung contrabass


I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets. Kid you not. And I just realized I have 2 ice cream makers, 1 air fryer, 1 mini espresso machine, 1 mixer, 3-4 toasters or sandwich maker, 2 blenders, 2 ovens, 1 steamer, a breadmaker, a few cookers and not sure how many pots and pans and 1 convection microwave oven and maybe more hidden ones.. And still I am drawn to seeing what’s the latest kitchen gadget (I still want a thermomix, sponsors please ???? )

So here’s the SAMSUNG CONTRABASS CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN (MC 455). I have a microwave oven but I only use it to reheat food and melt butter or chocolate. A convection oven actually has way more functions that we know. Its quite multi-purpose especially when you are cooking a big meal and are short of stove space. Or if you are not sure how long it takes for the chicken to cook, the Contrabass will be able to help because of its Smart Sense Technology.

Here are some of the functions of this Contrabass.


A large 45L capacity enables consumer to create more delicious meals = can fit a turkey, cook 2 dishes at one time with the rack.

Its Smart Sense Technology : a sensor that detects the humidity of the food surface and calculates the optimized cooking time and power for a simple and fuss free process.

samsung contrabass - interiorA fully-coated ceramic enamel interior that protects foods from bacteria contamination. It’s hard-wearing, rust-resistant and sort of scratch proof. Tried with coin, no scratch. It doesn’t discolour even after long usage.

Did you know, ceramic enamels offer a 99.9% anti-bacterial protection.

samsung contrabass - dual dialSleek design and easy to use, with dual dial control – upper dial mode for selection and lower dial for weight or time adjustment.

samsung contrabass - modesVarious cooking modes ranging from microwave, convection and grill and the latest, fermentation!

SAMSUNG CONTRABASS ACCESSORIESAdditional accessories such as wide ceramic tray, pro steam tray with lid and crusty pan (to bake pizza), you can be as creative as you want in creating delicious and healthy meals for your family.


Another function that worth the shout out, is the Steam Clean which helps you clean the microwave oven easily without the need for any chemical detergents! Awesome right. Cooking is fun, cleaning is not so. lol



Ayam Percik, Yogurt and mini cupcakes made in the Contrabass convection microwave oven. Of course not all together la!! But the versatility lies throughout savoury dishes, to sweet desserts and healthy options like yogurt!

SAMSUNG CONTRABASS - FERMENTATIONyes yes!! fermentation feature! it keeps the temperature of the oven at a somewhat warm temperature, good for making yogurt and proofing bread. I was quite intrigued by this.



No stove top cooking is required. Just milk and a starter (ready made plain yogurt), mix it and put into the Contrabass, it would take 9 hours. It wouldn’t speed up the process but you get a consistent temperature and a safer-to-eat yogurt. Plus fermentation takes time.. It would be good to do this the night before, then when you wake up, you have nice yummy homemade wholesome yogurt!

The Samsung Contrabass MC455 retails at RM 1799 and is available at all Samsung retail outlets and authorized dealers.

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8 Comments on Samsung Contrabass SMART convection microwave oven

  1. Edith C says:

    Wow impressive. Samsung really generous to sponsor this.

  2. Ping Ping says:

    I have a Thermomix already and I am looking for a real good oven to make my life complete (and also a huge fridge la). I have yet to get my house but I am very impressed with this!!! I am going to save money for a really good oven and fridge! Essentials for me.

    And I am loving my Thermomix, every second of it! You really should get one!

  3. Poh Huai Bin says:

    Very cool!

    (or hot rather)

    I’ve been looking for a microwave oven too, and saw this at the electronics shop. I wanted to get it coz I like the features and looks (metal instead of plastic – goes well in my kitchen).

    I think I have wait and shop around coz I just got a phone though…

    Nice of Samsung to provide you with one! 😀

  4. tlbox says:

    Bought this for my son who is a truck driver for him to save on meals when he is on the road….he loves it, so convenient to heat something up when

    he’s on the thing I ever bought him. He said it works better than the one they have at home…

  5. sahil says:

    Thanks for sharing this post..i am using this convection microwave oven ,it consume less power and save your money.. 🙂

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