Cronuts or Delectable Donuts

I’ve been asking myself why I kept lo0king and posting about this little deep fried cronut. I have to admit, I’m a fan of croissant. I actually couldn’t care less about burger buns or bear paws but when there’s something related to croissants, I have to pick it up. For anyone who thinks that croissant is just a bread or pastry that magically has layers in it, then maybe you need to know that there’s no magic in it. Or that the magic is actually crafted by the baker, with layers of tlc, butter and dough laminated a few times over a couple of hours.

So when cronut was hyped up, I had to check it out. Ok because the name Cronut has been trademarked by Dominique Ansel (the original founder of Cronut) in the States, you see alot of other names like dossaints, crodos, zonuts, klonut, etc etc. So this hybrid of Croissant and Doughtnut, somewhat just reinvented modern pastries. Like mixing 2 pastry dough to create something new. Who would have thought of that!!

After trying them in Dessert Storm, Publika. I’ve made way to Delectable by Su at The Gardens Mall to my share of Cronut!

This one is indeed similar to a croissant dough and is yeasted.

Su offers 3 flavours between now till 30th July 2013, everyday at 12noon onwards.

Didn’t realize it’s until 30th July only… go try!

delectable donut cronutThese Delectable Donuts are priced at RM 10. They are HUGE. I would say, my palm size. Uhm, my palms are quite big cause I have chubby hands, but it’s like the size of regular doughnuts.

Filled with silky lemon cream and topped with a hint of tangy strawberry coulis and slices of fresh strawberries

A twist with Malaysian favourite; Kaya!

delectable by su cronutI had the Caramel Praline, with a vanilla creme patisserie filled in and a drizzle of caramel across caramelzied almond,pistachio, hazelnuts, and macadamia nuts.

delectable by su gardens cronut KL

The Delectable donuts are very crispy on the outside. I bought it quite fresh, at about 1pm, so It still retains its crispiness. As we know, deep fried pastries tend to turn soft after xx hours. So anyone wanna buy it at 9pm and see how it is ? hehe

delectable cronut caramel

So are cronuts here to stay or just a fad ?

I sure do hope no one comes out selling them with overused deep frying oil, or adding additives to make them crispy because I think, it’s better for the cronut to be slightly soft inside, maybe a little chewy, and not crispy all the way through. It should also not be cloyingly hard to eat (anything deep fried can sometimes be too oily.. )

Ok now, let me try making my own…


Delectable Donuts are available at

Delectable Treats, LG K25B (In front of Cold Storage), The Gardens Mall

Price per pc : RM 10

Period : From 12pm onwards, limited quantities. until 30th July

(Photos are taken from Delectable’s FB page unless stated with watermark.)


6 Comments on Cronuts or Delectable Donuts

  1. Alice says:

    so sinfully yummy!

  2. Poh Huai Bin says:

    I’ve been meaning to try these cronuts for a long time too! 🙂

    I didn’t see it in Publika (closest mall to where I live, about 7 minutes drive) or I would have went in just based on the name alone – Dessert Storm, how witty!

    The Gardens is close to me too coz I can turn out on SPRINT so I’ll check it out.

    Anyway, IMHO, it’ll be a fad of sorts, KL has a trend of having food fads – donuts, bubble tea, gourmet burgers, macaroons etc but they all kinda stayed (in a way), just not the craze when it started. I think cronuts may head down the same path.

    Wow! I’ll love to see you bake them, it sounds really hard. I’m not much of a baker (did a devil’s food cake in 2004 and dubbed it The Devil’s Kiss coz I put Hershey’s Kisses into it) but I’ll love to try (with something simple first).

    • Swee San says:

      Well, food fads or trends get people going and talking about, which is not a bad thing.. If it tastes good then why not. But if it taste aweful, it better stay in the bag haha.. Try the death by chocolate in Dessert Storm

  3. Drops of Contentment says:

    Wah the caramel pralines ones look crazy delicious! 😀 Gulp. I think we better make my way there soon.. do you think the Delectable ones or the BIG ones are more worth a try?

    Anddddd, just realized I haven’t congratulated you yet on the zespri win yet! Totally well deserved, IMO 😀

    • Swee San says:

      aww thanks 🙂 I have finally finished all my kiwifruits lol!
      I think the strawberry one would be nice as the caramel praline ones is too crunchy… haha. Both are quire different. Delectable’s ones are more crunchy outside but still abit bready inside. BIG’s ones r a bit more oily and soft.

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