B’wiched by Loaf Potions with the Stars

Would you prefer to have lunch with Meat Jagger or Salmon Hayek ? Perhaps Christina Arugula or Shia Le Beef may be free too!

I can’t help but the laugh a little at the names of these sandwiches by B’wiched when I saw them. How creative!! These made to order sandwiches at B’wiched are sure to bring a little fun to your lunch or dinner. We had these before our dessert feast by Dessert Storm. B’wiched is located in Ben’s Independent Grocer in Publika and at The Intermark.

bwiched counter in bens independent grocer publika

bwiched publika

bwiched bread

In B’wiched, you would find loaves, buns and even cakes. They go all the way from West to East, featuring baguettes, brioche a tete, to kaya puff and red bean bun. Personally i’m not a big fan of buns. I prefer whole hearty bread, crusty and chewy. But I never bake these French breads at home, because my family thinks otherwise. Actually I think we are not ‘bread’ people. Hence we seldom buy bread of any sorts. πŸ˜›


I love a good sandwich every now and then.

bwiched menu in BIG publikaWith catchy names like these, it’s going to be quite fun to order… like .. “Hey, I’d like a Marilyn Monroe Mayoe ” πŸ˜€

bwiched meat jagger

Here we have Meat Jagger rolling out a garlic butter toasted baguette with meatballs, a touch of coriander and melted mozzarella cheese. The ‘potion’ seems quite big.. No, I mean, the bread was huge! But good ol’ crusty baguette. RM 12.90

bwiched edward caesarhand

Did Edward Caesarhand love caesar salad much, his scissorhands sure ain’t able to handle ? Haha. This was one of my fav, scrumptious chicken caesar salad filling with turkey bacon, gruyere cheese Β and egg, wrapped in a tortilla wrap. RM 12.90

biched shia le beef

How did Shia le Beef transformed into a cold grain-fed tender beef striploin served on a toasted baguette with caramelized onion, capers and arugula ? Not sure how, but he sure was very tasty!


Next on the red carpet, we have Salma Salmon Hayek. Homcured salmon with toasted seaweed focaccia with wasabi mayo, edamame and tobiko. The seaweed focaccia….Β sabroso!. RM 12.90

bwiched christina arugula vegetarian

I guess the Christina Arugula didn’t hide anymore and came out of the bottle. She may have lost some sizes with this vegetarian option. A Seaweed focaccia with arugula, japanese cucumbers, edamame, tomato, corn, avocado and a house dressing. Healthy! RM 8.90

MMm care for a lunch date with the stars ?

Or get your friends and party with the stars!

Get a special Meal Patrick Harris for RM 15.90 including a sandwich (any sandwich) of your choice, a side salad, a pack of nachjos and a drink. All that we had above (in photos) are set meals.

B’wiched Solaris Dutamas is located at Ben’s Independent Grocer in Publika.

opening hours : 9am to 10 pm



3 Comments on B’wiched by Loaf Potions with the Stars

  1. ulric5 says:

    The Eric Crabton is my pick…maybe the Jon Banh Jovi or Salmon Hayek for seconds! πŸ™‚

  2. Choi Yen says:

    Ei…price is very reasonable wor..can have a try then~

  3. annant says:

    such fancy names for healthy sandwiches! it makes ordering really fun! πŸ˜€

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