Last weekend!

I’m not very sure how but my weekend lately has been more busy lately T__T Its quite crazy how ‘beauty blogging’ has somewhat changed my blogging repertoire. Anyway.. here’s a summary of what happened last weekend.

Samsung navibot contrabass


Well first, I was at MiCasa for the Samsung Contrabass convection microwave oven and NaviBot S vacuum cleaner getogether. Well, the getogether was as small as just me alone.. awkward but … ok lol

butterfly amante

Then to support the butterfly mamasan, I drove all the way to Amante Sri Petaling for the massage / spa party.. A 15 min hot stone massage was as good as anything.. You can say it’s a good massage, especially when one need to drive around town T__T

Mivva x aupres workshop

Then, as if my car was running on water, I drove back to town to Pavilion for the Mivva x Aupres Workshop (when you pronounce Aupres, you don’t pronounce the ‘s’ … ok ? – au.prey) It was another pampering chillax session. At this point, I don’t think I’m able to inhale any more information.. And on the way there, I got stuck in Smart Tunnel and my car’s air con decided to die …. T___T

But luckily it was a relaxing event 🙂 Thanks Mivva

Oreo Extreme Cheesecake


Then …. I had cake. Hahaha Ok, this is not any event whatsover, but I made a cake for order and I made 2 of it because I needed some Oreo Cheesecake. Haven’t had oreo cheesecake for donkey years.. The inspiration was from The Cheesecake Factory. 1 big fat layer of oreo cheesecake is quite heavy, so there’s 4 instead, oreo base, chocolate cake, oreo cheesecake and oreo white chocolate mousse..

3 sticks of Oreo per cake… drowning in oreo…

Kiwi lunch


Then on Sunday, I made a kiwi-ful lunch for my friends (and family too)

There’s a kiwi kerabu, duck red curry with kiwi, salt & pepper squid with kiwi chili sauce, and a tropical pavlova with mango, kiwi and mangosteen with some toasted Hawaiian coconut flakes..

I think my favourite pavlova fruits will now be tropical fruits instead of berries, cause it just makes it so tropical and refreshing!


That’s the recap!







9 Comments on Last weekend!

  1. yuhjiun says:

    I want oreo cheesecake!

  2. Choi Yen says:

    busy like a bee 🙂

  3. illy ariffin says:

    Dear Swee San,

    On behalf of The Butterfly Projects, we would like to say thank you so much for coming over to show your support. We really appreciate it 🙂

    p/s: I personally love your creativity of the “kiwi” dishes and stuff!

  4. cindy tong says:

    Yor u no give me eat oreo!

  5. omg! packed schedule! >.< but yea.. beauty blogging is really challenging!

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