Beauty through care with Payot’s new Hydra24 perfection BB Cream and Cicaexpert


Nadia Grégoria was one of the first female doctors to graduate from the Lausanne School of Medicine in 1913. Some time after her marriage to Edmond Payot, an engineer by training, the couple began to travel abroad. During a trip to New York in 1917, she discovered the first beauty institutes and made the life-changing acquaintance of the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova (did she invented pavlova?). This meeting proved to be a real revelation. Struck by the difference between the youthful appearance of the dancer’s body and the signs of ageing on her face, Dr Payot developed a beauty philosophy based on movement, facial “physical culture” (exercise), and essential skin care products.



Having several cult products for 3 generations, Payot’s products have always been targeted towards certain needs. Some of the cult products are La Pate Grise for zero blemishes, Speciale 5 for flawless skin and Creme No2 to soothe minor discomfort. I am a huge fan of the Pate Grise when it comes to acne.

Payot BB cream

One of the newly launched product is the Hydra24 Perfection hydrating, antioxidant BB Cream. It’s mineral pigments that that melts on the skin in a single step for an instant “perfect” effect can be used daily.

5 Benefits from the Payot Hydra24 Perfection BB Cream

Provides 24H Hydration

Evens skin tone

Corrects wrinkles and imperfections

Revives radiance

UV protection

PAYOT bb cream before after

I am using the BB Cream in Light Shade on my left hand. A thin layer of application provides a good coverage but the light shade may be a tad too light for my slightly tan skin.

payot bb cream 1payot aurelia lebouc

I have tried a few BB cream from the Asian beauty brands but am often resulted with clogged pores. I managed to catch Aurelia Lebouc, Payot’s International Trainer (in teal dress) to answer my concerns regarding that and also its low SPF as the strong sun rays here are all year and all day long compared to colder European countries.

Q. 1. How different is Payot (European) BB cream compared to the Asian BB creams? I have tried 4-5 types of asian BB creams and I always have breakouts after 1-2 weeks of usage. 

A: Payot is the first beauty institute brand to propose a bb cream on the French market.  Thanks to the natural pigments and the hydro dermo regulating complex it won t disturb the sebum production. This care will allow the skin breathes correctly.

But don t forget that a daily cleansing is necessary to avoid breakouts.

Q: With only SPF 15, how long would the coverage last ? Do we still need to use a UV cream / sunscreen prior to using Payot’s BB cream ?

A: The SPF 15 is enough in our European country due to a different weather condition (less humid and sunny) this is why it has been made with this level of filters. It is not a suncare product but a protection for a “city woman”. If it is needed than you can add another SPF on top.


Payot Cicaexpert poster

Another new product would be the Cicaexpert (read: si-ka-expert) Cicaexpert helps on soothing and comforting the skin, acts as a repairing skin agent. It helps to accelerate the skin repair process by recreating an ideal cell environment. = reduce scars

payot cicaexpert skin repair accelerator



Cicaexpert offers three important and targeted treatments:

#1 Regenerating Effect

Biometietic peptides encourages skin reconstruction by activating the synthesis of skin proteins and restore skin tissue quality.

#2 Healing Effect

The extract of Centella Asiatica that has powerful skin-repairing benefits, works perfect with mineral complex made up of copper, zinc and manganese which accelerates on cell production.

#3 Soothing and Moisturizing Effect 

Soothing oat extract and hyaluronic acid helps on reconstruction of the skin barrier.


payot cicaexpert before and after

As I often have acne and blemish scars, I put this product to test. I used up the entire sample size just on this targeted area at night after I wash my face. 2 weeks later, I was happy to see some blemishes have faded. (photos taken under different lighting, I didn’t became fairer)

I also managed to ask Aurelia a few questions regarding the Cicaexpert.
Q: Does Payot’s Cicaexpert help in reducing pigmentations. thread veins and freckles ?

A: Cicaexpert helps on the color of a scare due to surgery or on redness due to laser or peeling , etc. It repairs the altered skin, the wound but it does not reduces freckles or tread veins. It is repairing the damaged cells into the epidermis and accelerate the process.

Q: When should we apply Cicaexpert? (after toner, before moisturizer?)

A: Cicaexpert can be applied after a soothing and moisturizing serum but no need to apply another moisturizer care. Cicaexpert by itself hydrates the skin thanks to the hyaluronic acid and the oat extract.


I was invited to the launch by The Lilac Box team.


PAYOT Hydra24 Perfection BB Cream 50ml tube : RM 148

PAYOT Cicaexpert 40ml tube : RM 155

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1 Comment on Beauty through care with Payot’s new Hydra24 perfection BB Cream and Cicaexpert

  1. Olivia Heartelly says:

    From the first application your skin feels like it is overflowing with moisture, it smells stunning and it works well for my touchy skin it doubtlessly does hydrate my skin on first try and truly leaves my skin delicate and smooth and not slick feeling.

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