A Mythical Experience with L’oreal Professionnel & Vanity Trove in KLFW2013


Last week I was invited to attend the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) by Vanity Trove. I couldn’t contain my excitement when Winnie called me! LOL I hurried and confirmed my attendance, because I will not only be looking at the collection Lisa Surihani for Jovian Mandagie but also be pampered in Miko Galere for a hair wash and blow session with L’oreal’s new haircare range; Mythic Oil.

Can’t get anymore awesome to start the weekend right ?

loreal klfw 1

So it started with the hair do in Miko Galere @ Level 6 Pavilion. I love hair stuffs and it’s quite crazy how many serum or oils I have sitting on my shelf. Yet, I was so happy to be able to try the famed Mythic Oil by L’oreal Professional. (review of the oil in another post k because its too awesome!)


Miko Galere @ Pavilion, where we had our hair done.

Swee San

After some grueling hours of deciding what to wear and how to draw brows, I finally made it to Miko in Pavillion (gosh, traffic??) This is my hair on normal days. I have wavy hair by natural (and frizzy, but that can be fixed) and I’m not a big fan of straight-sticking-to-the-face hair. Oh, my jawline looks kinda different here because I just did a Sublime Lift at The Retreat Clinic (review post another day) the day before, hence my face looks extra V-shape!


L’oreal Mythic Oil Nourishing Shampoo, Conditioner and The Original Mythic Oil. They smell good! not flowery or too much fragrance. Actually when I first smell the Mythic Oil, it reminds me of Middle Eastern LOL.. Maybe Middle Eastern smells like that ? HAha


So the stylist washed with The Mythic Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, blow dried a little before using the Mythic Oil. She mentioned that it’s better to use the oil on semi-dry hair so it absorbs better. Well, if the stylist says so..

Then she asked me “So how u wanna do your hair”… I said “Up to you but make it gorgeous ok?!!”

Photo Jun 21, 6 58 08 PM

She gave me this. o.o

She used this curling tong iron comb thing. It’s a curling tong, that looks like a round comb. It was a long process partially because I have ALOT of hair and the stylist took her own time in curling my hair. At first, it looks kinda short after the tong-ing process. But for the next 2 days, my hair was so awesome I can’t even!


before -after mythic oil

Volumed hair FTW. see my hair so shiny and soft like blowing with the wind ahaha wtf. The Mythic Oil is the secret I tell ya..

  Swee and Loreal

All thanks to L’Oreal Professional, Cecilia and Jin 🙂

Jerine and cecilia loreal mikoJerine from milliondollarbeauty.blogspot.com was here too!  (photo from her)

After that we had dinner in Ben’s just a couple of doors away from Miko. (uhm forgot to take photos cause starving already!) The show was due to start at 9pm, so dinner came about just on time!

Photo Jun 21, 8 24 07 PM

Interesting table talk cards! Definitely kept the phones away and great ice breaker as well. I will choose a masseuse please. 😛

Loreal KLFW group shot

Check the rest of the girls’ ! Chency, Jess, Jerine, me, Kelly and Cindy

Swee San L'oreal Mythic Oil

okay, I won’t bore you with my photos for now. Let’s head to Jovian Mandagie’s collection


Jovian Mandagie. An established designer, well-recognized for his genial inspired touch of Mal-Indo influences; alluring crafted designs, infused high fashion with exclusive aesthetics, labels the house of Jovian Mandagie (JM)

Since the founding in 2006, JM is defined by its couture dresses from the legendary classic look to contemporary chic pieces, as well as daring bridal gowns and lavish evening dresses with innovative characteristics. Paying the utmost attention to detail, from the selection of the most distinctive materials to implications on solid cuts and intricate craftsmanship, each of these elements is captured in his collection. His imposing design through his haute couture line has demonstrated the signature style and ability of Jovian Mandagie.

LS for Jovian Mandagie 1-horz

LS for Jovian Mandagie 6-horz

Lisa Surihani by Jovian Mandagie

LS for Jovian Mandagie 9-horz

LS for Jovian Mandagie 11-horz

Inspired by the lovely muse actress Lisa Surihani, this collaborative collection exudes her retro tastes and style. Excelling in various spectrums of the media as a reputable Malaysian actress, director, tv host and commercial model, Lisa is now entering the fashion world. This collection allows the modern woman to experience post-modern past, and bring out the funky flare that she houses within. interjected with asymmetrical designs and added embellishments, the robustness of generations past is given a fashionable twist into the future. This collection offers a broad range from eye catching patterns to more subtle hints of flare.

loreal klfw me chenccyHi Chency!

SS - ootd for klfw

The floor was so slippery, how did the models do it in their 4 inch stilettos ! Amazing lo. Anyway, let’s do a quick #OOTD

Dress : Luxe by Dorothy Perkins

Shoes : Charles & Keith

Bag : H&M HK

Gold Cuff : Diva

Photo Jun 21, 10 27 26 PMKelly Sunshine and Cindy was there too!

Photo Jun 21, 10 20 57 PM

confused pattern haha

Thanks to Vanity Trove for extending the invitation. Thanks to L’Oreal Professional and Miko Galere for the hair do. Thanks to KLFW for being awesome.


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  1. Wendy Pua says:

    U looked great and gorgeous

  2. Anne Lee says:

    saw you that day in Pavilion from above… 🙂

  3. Sabrina says:

    Gosh yess, your hair looked so awesome days after the salon treatment, I also can’t evennn! Haha still with my hair envy, not enough all over my post 😛 On the plus side I have the Mythic Oil range to try now, although I don’t have the oil itself :S

  4. Choi Yen says:

    Ur hair looks lighter and airy after the treatment~

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