Ultrasonic Treatment and Dip Dye in Number 76 Style


If you have followed me on Instagram (@sweesan if you haven’t) you would have seen that I’ve recently had some streaks of my hair coloured purple. I have been wanting to do for a long time since dipdye was the ‘in’ trend, but just never did. And this month, in Number 76 Hair Salon, they have a 50% off for their new stylist, Jeddy; only in Mont Kiara for the month of June. So I decided to try it out.

Hrm… this is not my first time in 76, I’ve been to all their outlets, Northpoint, Bangsar and also Mont Kiara. And I also tried different hair stylists to see who’s style I like best for different service (hair cut / colour / hair styling etc). Let’s see my journey with Number 76

(digs out IG photos)

It all started when Cheesie and fourfeetnine’s started talking about the Ultrasonic Treatment aka Magic treatment. I have very very damaged hair so I decided to go kaypoh (check it out)

Hair cut and Ultrasonic Treatment by Hikky in March 2012

And I think this was after I did hair dyeing in the North Point outlet + treatment (probably May / June 2012)

This one I’m guessing I might have just went for the Ultrasonic Treatment AGAIN (they must have had some promo otherwise I won’t be able to afford to go so often) By Steve or Amy in July 2012. See I still had my braces on. And I might have had a hair cut as well.

Then I probably went again sometime in September for the treatment. Or I might have went for hair dye… Really cannot remember jor lorh. But cause I wanted to grow out my hair, I didn’t cut or trim for the rest of 2012 😡

Then come early this year in January, I went to do hair make for a friend’s wedding by Hikky (by then, she was in Mont Kiara d)

Come March, I went for another treatment in their new outlet in Bangsar, Telawi Square. Then 2 weeks later I went for the Tansan treatment and a haircut by Mr. Hama (cause I haven’t cut hair for about 6 months, it’s about time) Then he said it’s about time I dye my hair (yes, I know too). But there’s in NO WAY I am able to afford hair colour, treatment, hair cut by Mr. Hama unless I have like RM 700 to spare just like that.

I must say Tansan is quite nice because it cleans the scalp (not so itchy even after 2-3 days :P) and it makes the hair more volumized (as if my hair isn’t volumed enough)

As you can already see, I kept going back for the Ultrasonic Treatment because my hair quality has improved much and it’s not so coarse.

Fast forward a few months, I decided to go for hair colouring in Mont Kiara. (Easiest outlet to find a parking on weekend) And also cause I was being a cheapo, there’s 50% for the new stylist Jeddy in June. And, if you’re a member, you get to do the Ultrasonic hair treatment for FREE during your birthday! So I did a little mental calculation, and yes I can do all the hair colour, bleaching, treatment and tansan without burning my pocket. I was very happy that I finally did the purple, and dyed the hair again.

BBBUUUTTT when I lift up half of my hair, the inner part wasn’t dyed consistently. Everyone asked me if I had just dyed purple, but not touched up the black hair.

Then, I asked myself. OKAY was it because I paid 50% only ? so their service was only 50%? Was it a consequence of being a cheapo?

But then I thought again, by far of all 3 outlets that I went to, and with the different stylists I was attended by, they were all very nice and professional regardless Japanese or Malaysian. It must be a Japanese-culture influence thingy* (Disclaimer, I’m not saying other non-japanese hair salons are not polite, its just that I’ve been to some hair salons which are not that friendly and not professional at all despite having many branches) I wasn’t angry, but just a little frustrated.

So I messaged 76’s FB page and told them about my hair condition la. I wrote it in a nice way also la. Not like tag a photo of them and made it like a public bashing. That wouldn’t be able to solve any problems. Anyway, they then very kindly replied and asked me to go back and had it fix.

Photo Jun 16, 2 43 47 PM

You know, when you are able to turn a customer’s bad experience into a good one by rectifying your mistake, then you would have the customer for life (or at least a long period of time) It’s not the case of whether who is right or wrong or who to blame (it could have been my fault for not checking before leaving, it could have been the stylist’s fault for not making sure it’s ok or not having enough skills, it could have also be the fault of my extremely stubborn black hair) because whatever that has happened, has already happened!

Eh of course I’m not one of those bitchy customer that needed every inch of perfection. I believe if you treat a person with respect and kindness, you would be treated back so. I’m happy, you’re happy, everyone’s happy!

number 76 hair

Surely then I got the hair I wanted, (say Hi to my dog, Hugo). Hahaha In this picture, the colour is more even and consistent. And yes I’ve also lifted the top part of my hair and ask around “eh is the colour even?”. Answer : yes.

number 76 purple dipdye

So what would you have done ?

I didn’t even realize that I’ve been going to 76 for more than a year already and this is only the first blog post about them. Hrm… I also think it’s about time I stick to a stylist..

I strongly recommend 76 if you want to get some colour on your hair. I think they are in the forefront in hair colour trends and don’t forget to try their Ultrasonic aka Magic Treatment! http://www.76style.com/



17 Comments on Ultrasonic Treatment and Dip Dye in Number 76 Style

  1. Henry Tan says:

    oh gosh! i want ur dogs! they are adorable! =D

  2. Foodeverywhere says:

    I stop going to 76 when I realised they all have a similar style. You can try this guy called aki. One of the earlier directors in 76, now he has his own salon in tmn tun called aki saloon.

  3. Anne Lee says:

    wow, their service is quite good. but normally I have friends who complaint the blunder skill of hairstylist but end up kena scold by them saying that it’s their hair problem, not their service problem. so I’m quite surprise that 76 kindly invite you to get your hair fixed.

    • Swee San says:

      ya.. thats what i hate, like if someone takes time to give feedback or complains, they deny it and put the blame on something else instead of trying to improve … oh well…

  4. yuhjiun says:

    WAAAAAA sexy lor XD how much is the hair make ah?

  5. hildamilda says:

    Everyone has been raving about number76 but student like me wouldn’t be able to afford ): But I can surely see improvement in your hair, very pretty (:

  6. Lizzie Leong says:

    wow it’s really great that 76 actually tried to fix their mistake 🙂 anyway ur hair looks awe-someeee

  7. cindy tong says:

    wow u been a fan of them for quite some time ahh!!!

  8. Sizzling Suzai says:

    hey there remember me from the Dove event, it was super sweet knowing u girl! yup hope to meet u again n again… btw wowww so many times in a year lorh, ya lar if im not wearing a scarf i might doing d same thing lor haha cz i love my hair too! hehehe u look much more younger in the 1st look! ahakksss ;D

    • Swee San says:

      Hi Suzai, yes I remember! I saw your friend tagged you in IG but I can’t find your IG … I’m sure we will meet each other again 🙂 Yes I think shorter hair is younger 🙂

  9. Dee says:

    How long does the magic treatment last? Because for rm250 its pretty pricey if it lasts for like..2 weeks. hehe. so was just wondering.

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