LANVIN ME, the new fragrance by Lanvin

Picking up the scent of blueberries and tuberose, LANVIN and Alber Elbaz has bewitched the world with, ME. The new fragrance LANVIN ME is dedicated to woman, an individual who is not pretentious, but unique and confident.

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LANVIN and Alber Elbaz designed the new creation as the most precious jewelry with gems from the House of Lanvin. The fragrance is envisaged as object of desire to decorate and complete shop windows and offer of the LANVIN brand, as well as floral decoration on wrists and cleavages of many women who respect floral mixture of Lanvin fashion and delicate perfumes.

Gems and diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but how close does LANVIN ME fare?

Lanvin ME - jewelleries

I may not have diamonds, but gems. They may not be expensive nor highly fashionable, but it suits and brings out ME. Go get them spikes and statement colours, or stay feminine with feathers and faux pearls.  LANVIN ME is very much a couture item and dedicated to all women who worship the designer’s creations. This eau de parfum is sophisticated, whimsical, different, sparkling to the point of irreverence, yet heady, assertive and sensual. It is somewhere between fashion narcissism and self-confidence, refusing the codes which constrain imagination. Its credo: be myself, become ME.


Lanvin Me Notes

At the first sniff, it smells sweet but not overpowering. Top notes of LANVIN ME introduce delicate floral notes supported and sweetened by fruity zest of blueberry combined with liquorice. It is not heavy at all, with it’s seductive heart notes of intense tuberose and romantic rose, complementing the sweet-fruity passions rounded on the fascinating base.


Lanvin Me flower bed


Whimsical and bold, yet fragile? Bewitching, sensual, and high fashion? This drop of essence celebrates the spirit of a Lanvin woman:  confident, sensual, elegant, high-fashion and unabashedly feminine.

Lanvin Me EDP

The bottle and packaging of LANVIN ME are created as an object of desire and envisaged as a gift. With it’s golden thread which wraps the outer box, resembles a ribbon that decorate gifts, while being simple. It really portrays as a gift, of unpretentious self discovery.

Alber Elbaz says “LANVIN ME is more than a fragrance. It’s composition tells a story that expresses each separate shade. It resembles a partiture of feelings and emotions of a moment, like a fascinating melody of senses”

I have always believed everyone has a little story to tell, a story that conveys the secret wish to tie our souls and senses together.

Lanvin Me - board

The closer you look, the lesser you see. So I decided to see beyond ME. My friends’ did a collage of (1/3 of it my photos) and the rest are travel memories. While some maybe be forgotten, some sweet memories stays forever. It’s not just ME, but beyond, I see my friends.

Lanvin ME - life

 “Open sesame and show me the way to being reborn to others, to think newly of myself, to affirm my difference, to admit that I love everything very much, and even more. Uncapping the promise of fragrance through the magic of mystery, the gold-colour chain with a gemstone on the neck of the bottle pulls me close and beckons to be untied with my smile. Why wait when desire grows ardent? See the name written with vivacity, to letters speaking to me, calling me; They are mine, I am theirs. “


Lanvin Me - books


The fascinating melody of sense reminds me of the lingering notes of being a sweet gourmand. In this sweet culinary journey, we search and look beyond our palates, our senses. But are we looking for perfection in imperfection, or imperfection in perfection?

Lanvin Me - light

Alber Elbaz esplains ” The ME woman is an individual, which doesn’t mean an individualist or a narcissist. No, she is an individual because she also thinks about herself. She pays attention to what she is or what she wears, rather than trying to position herself with respect to others. Since ME is a gift perfume, the ME woman likes to give it to herself.

Be the diamond that shines bright, be the LANVIN ME woman.

Lanvin Me Perfume

Get LANVIN ME at RM 339 (WM), RM 355 (EM) for a 80ml EDP and RM 263 (WM), RM 276 (EM) for an EDP of 50ml and discover the new ME


 *This product has been sponsored for review purpose by The Lilac Box and Luxasia * 




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