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Hey hey! It’s friday!!

I’m finally up with putting last month’s VT. This is my second month of Vanity Trove (the first one is here) and it’s been packed with a couple of surprises.

I did an unboxing video for it, so please watch and comment ?

Incase you missed it, here are some of the products from the box:


Tilley’s Goat Milk Soap – Body bar, creamy in texture and suitable for sensitive skin. Ingredients sourced directly from the purest Australian Goat Milk farm, chemical free. Further enriched with skin conditioning Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil and Organic Cocoa Butter. (RM 12 per bar)

Schwarzkoph Essensity Natural Shine Serum. Feather light serum for a natural velvet shine to the hair suface, smoothen tresses and tames the hair. Combination of organic essences of sesame and olive oil. RM 56 for 50ml

Eau Thermale Avene. Thermal Spring Water, hydrating care for sensitive and irritated skin. Consists of delicate, balanced amounts of calcium and Magnesium for efficacy and tolerance for all sensitive skin types. Preservative-free. Great in combating irritations for rashes, sunburns, eczeme, itching, post surgery and the setting of make up. RM19 for 50ml

Pure South Organic Body Lotion with Fresh Goat’s Milk. Scented with native Australian plant extracts and pure essentials, the vitamin A and D rich lotion is effective for treating dry and distressed skin conditions. Contains rose oil and Rosella extracts that stimulate metabolism for optimal skin cell renewal. RM 59 for 255ml

Heaven on Earth Lavender Essential Oil. MAde of steam distilled Lavandula Angustifolia flowers of a French origin. Can be inhaled or applied on the skin. Helps promote sleep, balance and tone skin, reduce anxiety and aches, soothe insect bites and provides a relaxing and soothing inner calm. RM 50 (5ml)

My thoughts : Awesome Wholesome was pretty good, better than Shower of Summer if I may add. With more products for body, and hair! Shows that beauty doesnt just be have to be face but you also need to take care of your body (skin, slather with lots of lotion) and hair (soft and flowy hair) And beauty doesn’t have to be seen on the outside, from within. Calm yourself for inner peace (with the essential oil) and get good night sleeps. Wake up to a brand new day, fight away!

So Awesome Wholesome was definitely worth it (although it was sponsored, it doesn’t affect my views in anyway) I would be happy to be a paying customer for this box.

Check out their FB page (http://facebook.com/VanityTroveMalaysia) for more info on monthly beauty boxes and their Pink Carpet event as well. Get your trove here for only RM 50 per month.



Happy Weekend!!!

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1 Comment on [Beauty Box] Vanity Trove – Awesome Wholesome

  1. Lizzie Leong says:

    Interesting video 😀

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