Get Sigma Beauty in Southeast Asia! How to Order?

Hi girls,

Did you know that Sigma delivers to South East Asia now ?

Sigma was founded in 2008 by Brazilian natives Rene, a civil engineer with a Master’s degree in Business Administration, and his wife Simone, a researcher with a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. After discovering the strong need for worldwide availability of affordable and high-quality beauty products, the couple combined their knowledge of engineering and scientific research to create a company that met these needs in the cosmetic industry.

Today, Sigma is one of the fastest-growing and top-rated companies in the beauty industry as a result of its ingenious and high-quality products, all of which are tested for performance, resistance and durability to fit the specific needs and wants of every consumer.

Here are some of the products I love from Sigma.

Sigma Resort Colours


*colour from Sigma’s latest Resort Palette

Sigma Paris Kit

Limited Edition Sigma Paris Makeup Palette (comes with 2 brushes also ok!! ) There’s $10 off for this!

Sigma Brow Kit

Sigma Beauty Expert – Brow Design Kit

Sigma Brush Kit

Essential Brush Kit – Make Me Crazy featuring 12 essential brushes! They also have other colours of brush holders like pink, blue and black.

So here’s a step by step on how to place order for your favourite product, and choose which type of shipping preferred.

1. Go to


 Sigma - How to order 1


 2. Click on ‘Brushes’ on the top of the page to view top selling brushes and kits. To view eyeshadow palettes and other makeup, click on ‘Makeup’. You may also browse other products with the links on the left side of the screen or search for a specific product with our search bar in the upper right hand corner.

Sigma - How to order  2Sigma - How to order 3

3. To add an item to your shopping cart, click on ‘ADD TO CART’ and click ‘CHECKOUT’ when you have finished shopping.

Sigma - How to order 4



4. Type in an eligible discount code and click ‘APPLY’. The total cost will recalculate with the discount applied. *** COUPON CODE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST***


Sigma - how to order 5



5. Login into your Sigma account or create a new account if you do not have an account.

  • To create an account, click on ‘PROCEED TO CHECKOUT’

Sigma - How to order 6

6. To create a new account, enter your information in the ‘Billing Information’

  • Enter the information into each slot as follows:
  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Company (if applicable)
  4. Street address
  5. Suite or apartment number (if applicable)
  6. City
  7. Country
  8. Federal Subject (State)
  9. Postal Code
  10. Phone number
  11. Email address

Sigma - How to order 7



7. Enter a password for your new account. Retype the password again underneath.

Sigma - How to order 8



8. Enter the shipping information for where to send the package. If it is the same information as the billing information, click on ‘Copy Billing to Shipping’

Sigma - How to order 9


9. Next, click on ‘SHOW ME SHIPPING CHOICES’ and choose which shipping method you prefer.

Sigma - How to order 11


10. Enter your payment information

  • To pay by credit card or bank card fill in the information as follows:
  1. Card Type
  2. Credit card number
  3. Name on card
  4. Expiration Date: Month/Year
  5. Security code

Sigma - How to order 12



  • To pay by PayPal, select PayPal from the Payment Method drop down menu and click on ‘PLACE ORDER’. The next screen will proceed to logging into your PayPal account. Click on ‘Continue’

Sigma - How to order 13


  • Login into your PayPal account

Sigma - How to order 14

 11. Once you have completed your payment information and clicked on the button ‘PLACE ORDER’ you should receive an Order Number on the next page. It will look similar to the one shown below.

Sigma - How to order 15 12. You will receive a confirmation email from regarding your recent order. Please make sure to review the order details for any mistakes.

13. You will receive a confirmation email once your package has been shipped. Please email with any questions regarding your order.


For the month of June, Sigma is offering a 10% for my readers. with terms and conditions

Sigma - WB_10_300x2505


All you have to do is key in “SUM2013” into the “COUPON CODE” to get the 10% off.

Don’t forget to check out Sigma Beauty’s website.

 *affiliate links attached.

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