[Review] Unboxing Video of April’s Wonderbox

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Last month, with all the beauty boxes, I propped and took nicer photos of them, this month, I will be doing unboxing videos for all the beauty boxes once I receive. Means it won’t be opened before I press the play button on the camera. Still trying on the vlogging thing, as I’m not that familiar with the new camera’s video function (hardly use it anyway) or looking at the lens and pretend someone is actually there. Vloggers, how do you do it!!

Anyway, this month’s Wonderbox has a huge improvement. This is my 4th Wonderbox. I subscribed 3 months ago and this 4th one, is redeemed by the WonderPoints. Now, I didn’t put up any Wonderbox reviews before, because of all 3 months, I actually wasn’t proactively finding time or effort to take photos and do a post about it, you can say, unmotivated. Of course, the idea of beauty boxes is about getting surprises.. If I like, I will blog about it. If I don’t then I really don’t wanna waste the time and effort in bashing it up here. As with cooking and baking as well, if I made something nice, I’d be more than happy to share the recipe with everyone. But if it’s not yummy, not pretty or nothing too great, I won’t put it up on the blog. Let’s face it, not everything is 100% tasty or the best. And I certainly don’t understand how some people can claim their chocolate cake is the best in the world, when they have not tasted all the damn chocolate cake in the world. Plus, taste is subjective. Ok let’s not get there.

Back to the box.

wonderbox april box

This month, the box was rather heavy! and bigger than the usual size, as there’s a travel pack that is on top of the box instead of inside it. After their little mishap last month, they really try to make it up and let their customers enjoy the fun of receiving beauty boxes; to be surprised, not be disappointed.



April Wonderbox goodies


So what’s inside (incase I didn’t say it properly in the video)

  • L’Oreal Professionnel Liss Ultime Shampoo and Masque (I love this range, I have used the masque before and I love it) Super happy to see this. You can already tell by now I love hair products
  • Clinelle Skin Smoothing Scrub with Marine Beads
  • Timeless Truth Deep Sea Extract Moisturizing Mask (Like their sheet masks overall)
  • Esmeria Prickly Pear Travel set for Normal to Combination Skin.
  • Underarm Wax treatment in Strip

If you would like to try Wonderbox, here’s more info

Monthly – RM 39.90

Quarterly – RM 119.70 (with 500 wonderpoints)

Semi-Annualy – RM 239.40 (with 1250 wonderpoints)

Annually – RM 478.80 (with 1600 wonderpoints)

Each Wonderbox is redeemable at 800 wonderpoints.


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