International Beauty Swap with Emma from Cosmetic Charm

Hi all,

I’m back with another beauty box, but this time it’s not from Malaysia. I have always been interested in doing swaps with those that live outside Malaysia (especially far west, like US, Canada, UK ) I’ve done many food swaps before this and the thing with food is, there are MUCH more restrictions on what we can send or even receive. I think receiving is not so much of a problem, but it’s more of whether the other country accepts it.

So I wanted to try a beauty box swap. I googled and found Emma from Cosmetic Charm. She lives in Scotland, UK and she has done swaps before. Then I emailed her and see if she wants to swap with me. we set a budget (about 40 pounds) lots of emails later asking what we like and what products we use more off, and 2 weeks later after postage, tadaahhh I received the box !

Pink wrappers

So when i opened up the box, I was like ,…. everything is wrapped in pink wrappers !! OMG even more surprise right ?? SO I kinda had to open one by one, like as if it’s my birthday and I have 16 presents to open. Small, but effective.

Tadaaahhh. After opening, I arranged it back to what it was before. So happy leh

I received this box last week and I have been using some stuffs, like the eyeshadow and lip gloss and eye cream. I can’t wait to try the fur-effect nails tho.. Haha

international swap box

So here’s a clearer shot of the products. That was the box it came in. It was like a 3D puzzle while I was trying to fit back everything inside. The box size is like any beauty box, but in a beauty box, you only get 5-6 products la ok. This one had 16 haha Did you see anything you like ? Most of the products are brands we can’t get here. Or maybe there is, but much more expensive. And specially requested for some stuffs.. 🙂 the rest were a surprise!

IS - B eye cream and bag

Eye cream from B. and the pouch comes with lots more stuffs inside! 3 sample size of B. products, a gold eyeshadow and a lipstick.

IS - blush

Blush me! by MeMeMe I thought the box was really cute and it looks like benefit’s blush. The colour is more coral like which is what I like! #cosmic I usually use more orangey tone blusher and not so much of pink ones. (actually I don’t have any pink blusher)

IS - lip gloss and colour

Lip stuffs, there’s actually another lip gloss by Rimmel but I think I dropped it in my car… :(. I did ask for some Rimmel stuffs. and she very kindly sent me a few of them. Here’s a lip gloss from MeMeMe and a nude and matte Lip cream from creampuff. OMG This thing SMELLS LIKE CARAMEL it’s insane. I LOVE IT

I hardly use any lip gloss because I find it sometimes too glossy and maybe sticky. So I prefer matte ones. But what’s a lip gloss called if it’s not glossy ? Haha sorry, just trying to be funny. Emma nailed this one, it’s nude, matte and looks really nice on me. (Or I’d like to this so)

I think I’ll put nude & matte on my new favourite lip colour.

IS - lipstick

Talking about lip colour, I can’t deny, I love bright bold red colour. I don’t do pink blusher, pink gloss, or pink eyeshadow because it doesn’t suit my skin tone. This was a lipstick that Emma sent.

MUA products

Then I did ask for some MUA products.. I saw a review of MUA’s nude eyeshadow palette compared to Urban Decay’s Naked Palette and they are some what similar but of course the one by UD last longer and is more pigmented compared to MUA. but what can one complain, it’s ONLY a fraction of what you needed to pay for UD. Tho UD’s Naked palette is high up on my wish list. I have used this palette and the lighter shades are hard to catch its colour, but the darker ones, works just fine.

Then while browsing in MUA’s website. I saw this thing called Fur-Effect Nails. Like literally having FUR on your nails!! gosh, I cannot wait to try that out once election is over and the indelible ink is … washed off. Oh right, so what happens if it touches water.. Haha omg can’t wait to try!

And there’s also a primer in matte.

IS - real techniques brush

She also asked me if there’s real techniques brushes here.. Well initially I didn’t know there was but after I see this packaging, I remember seeing it in shins before. I went back to check the price and it’s like RM 60 ++ for ONE brush. So expensive!! In UK, it’s much cheaper.

IS - Rimmel eye stick and mascara

A mascara and a Rimmel Eye crayon. I love eye crayons. I bought one from Bangkok many donkey years ago and I love it. Of course I bought new ones after using..The colour stays on and it’s more rich because it’s crayon. This is in a shade of gold, similar to what I have, but lighter.

IS - eyeshadow

a green eyeshadow from Natural Collection. Yup, I prefer earth tone colours when it  comes to the eye.

IS - shampoo

Aussia hair treatment. Hehe As I was opening this, I told my colleague… This product went from Aussie, to UK and to Malaysia. but NO of course, this is not from Australia. Haha It’s called Aussie, but it’s made in France. I don’t know what’s more confusing. I LOVE HAIR PRODUCTS, so this will go into my stash of shampoo.. It smells alot like peach but not too sweet.

IS full box


In this box, there’s something for everything. Nails, eyes, hair, lips… So I must say it’s quite complete, not too much of the same category of things. WE can’t send each other nail polishes because it’s not allowed. So that’s kinda sad but let’s hope I can send them out to the rest of the world! Oh she also sent me 2 chocolate snacks but they were melted when I received it. So I had to put it in the fridge.. Then it’s kinda gone when I wanted to take photos. LOL

So what did I send to her ? Erm, I forgot to take a picture but I sent her lots of Korean face masks, false eyelashes, nail wraps, and other stuffs.. With the same budget, I think what she sent to me was worth more if I had to purchase an equivalent quality product here. Like, maybe I could only send her 2 real technique brushes and a Rimmel lipstick and a the green eyeshadow to fit into the budget. Thanks Emma! I hope you liked what I sent to you.

As this is my first beauty box swap, the budget was average, not too high or too low. Next one, I’m packing for someone in Austria, and thereafter, a box from Canada. How awesome.. If you wish to be a beauty swapper, you can check out “Be a Beauty Correspondent” group in Facebook. My upcoming swaps are paired with the members there.



9 Comments on International Beauty Swap with Emma from Cosmetic Charm

  1. illy ariffin says:

    That is very interesting 🙂 great ideas to try out beauty products that are not available in malaysia 🙂

  2. I always wanted to do beauty swap but I just don’t know how to approach and do it T_T

  3. Li Chuen says:

    Wow! Loads of good stuff in there! Heard alot of great reviews about the real techniques brushes 😀

  4. Nicole Yee says:

    I love the stuffs that she have swapped with you,i want to try them all too but i have no idea how to swap with someone in overseas :'(

  5. Angeline Ng says:

    So many nice stuff! 😀 however, I keep aware about the bad swaps I saw on youtube but now I’m swapping with my cousin from USA 😀

  6. Puteri Panda says:

    Amazing swap!

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